University Transfers

Continue your refereeing journey

We're happy to see you're progressing but sad to see you go...

If you still want to be connected with us then we can help you and help you continue refereeing in another's never really the end. 

Whether you are arriving into Hampshire or departing for another county, be it for studies or work, we are here to help make your transition as smooth as possible. If you are planning on moving to Hampshire and wish to continue refereeing, then please make it known at your earliest convenience by contacting the Hampshire FA Referee Development Manager contacting Andy Moisey. Our Hampshire FA Referee Department will contact your current county FA to make them aware of the transition.

If you are planning on leaving Hampshire and wish to continue refereeing in another county, the same process still applies. You must inform the new local county FA that you wish to be registered with them.

You can do so by email or by contacting the relevant county FA; please click here for contact details.

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Certainly; Hampshire FA regularly post refereeing opportunities with fixtures needing to be fulfilled for a range of different events. We would recommend following Hampshire FA on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even on LinkedIn for updates.

Additionally, Hampshire FA run a mentoring scheme and we are always looking for new Mentors to support the growing numbers of new Referees especially in the period following the completion of the first part of the FA Referees Course when they go out to do their first game. As a Mentor you can participate in the scheme by giving as much time or as little time as you can afford and there are no age restrictions or requirements on the experience you have. Being a Mentor allows you to stay in touch with football on the local parks and also allows you to give support and encouragement to the Referees coming through the system. Even if you can only be available on the end of the telephone, email, text or twitter your contribution would be welcomed. If you would like to know more about being a Mentor please contact the County Referee Mentor Coordinator, Kat Carver to arrange attendance at a local FA Mentor Workshop.

We would recommend informing your University and/or Academic Institution that you are a qualified referee as there may be opportunities to develop further within the University such as Referee Activator roles. Find your sport department at the University and give them a bell!

In addition to the LARCs, there is also a Referee Development Team which was created to drive the progression of refereeing in Hampshire. The Hampshire FA Referee Development Team is made up of members that are driven towards all aspects of refereeing. Feel free to make yourself known to the team; click here for contact details and to find out the area they oversee.

In Hampshire, we are fortunate to have several Local Refereeing Societies and do encourage all referees to actively engage in their local society; it is a great way to meet other referees especially if you are new to the area. Currently, the societies in Hampshire include: Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Eastleigh, IOW, Southampton, and Portsmouth. Please click here for all of the contacts of the Referee Societies.


Yes of course; you can be registered with you parent county FA (resident county/main county FA) along with a different county FA should you move into a different area. As long as you are a registered referee you can referee anywhere in the country. Your parent county FA and new county FA must be aware that you wish to be registered and affiliated with them both if that is the case.

Alternatively you can apply through the registration process on WGS.


You can contact the Hampshire FA Referee Development Manager, Andy Moisey / 01256 853011 who will be able to assist with any enquiries. Alternatively, you can contact the relevant Appointment Secretaries in your area by clicking here who will be able support you and make contact for you with leagues in the area.

You can find out more about the leagues by going onto The FA Full Time website.