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As with anything you do, costs are always associated in one way or another. Hampshire FA together with our army of volunteers recognise that and help to remunerate where possible.

Each league in the county will pay referees a match fee however, like everyone is different, leagues are no exception and each league will pay a different fee depending on the age of the participants, the duration of the game and the level of experience. We would recommend contacting your Local Area Referee Appointment (LARC) Secretary who will be able to advise you in the first instance on information regarding the league, the fees and much more:

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Referees are given the opportunity to officiate on a League which will support their referee development.

The Referee Development Team (RDT) at Hampshire FA, on completion of an FA Referees Course will ensure that the referee contact details are disseminated to both the Local Area Referees Committee Secretary and also the relevant Referee Appointments Secretary who will be in contact with details on appointments.

Match fee & travelling expenses – These fees are set by each individual league. This information will be provided to you by the relevant Referee Appointments Secretary dependant on which league you are officiating on.

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