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Developing and supporting our officials is a key priority

Referee Development is conducted within Hampshire FA with the support of it's thriving team of Referee Tutors, Coaches and Mentors. 


In consultation with the Referee Focus Group, referee development is conducted within Hampshire FA with the support of it's thriving team of referee tutors, coaches and mentors, with the aim of improving and developing the skills of its referee workforce at all levels of the game.

Referee development is provided by Hampshire FA to ensure that Referees are kept up to date on current regulations but also to assist referees with their development so that they can progress further in their careers with ultimately reaching their full potential.


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For Clubs, Leagues & Communities

Community Match Official Workshop

This workshop is aimed at clubs/leagues/communities to engage with those who may not have been exposed to refereeing before.

If you would like our Referees Department to deliver this workshop for your clubs/leagues/communities, then please contact Andy Moisey, Referee Development Manager for details.

Chloe Ann-Anderson
Being awarded at St Mary's, the Hampshire FA Female Referee Award for outstanding performance and contribution to refereeing! An amazing night, an unreal night, thanks Hampshire FA
- Chloe Ann-Anderson, Hampshire FA Referee
Training & workshop FAQs

Generally no, however, certain courses such as the Referee Observers require a certain level of experience.

Fitness can be defined in many different ways, depending on the individual and the context in which it being described. However, what we can say for sure is fitness can be defined much more specifically for an individual sport or activity. The first relates to a personal attitude which really is down to individuals and whether you use refereeing to keep up your level of fitness. The second really depends on your commitment to reach higher levels of refereeing.

As you progress in refereeing, moving from local leaves into semi-professional football, the demands on referees are greater and with that a higher level of fitness is required.

Looking at fitness the following seven components are the foundations of fitness for any activity:

Muscular Endurance - The ability of a muscle group to repeatedly lift a load over an extended period of time.

Aerobic Endurance - The ability of an athlete to take in and use oxygen, allowing participation in prolonged periods of continuous sub-maximal activities.

Speed - Can be defined as the production of repeated muscular contractions over a short distance within a minimal period of time.

Flexibility - The range of motion about a joint (static flexibility); opposition or resistance of a joint to motion (dynamic flexibility).

Strength - The maximal pulling force of a muscle or muscle group in a single maximum voluntary contraction.

Body - Two of the main components of the body.  These are mainly fat and fat-free mass.

Agility - The ability to change direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner.

Their specific needs and use will differ greatly in some cases, but the components remain the same whether the activity be climbing the stairs, refereeing in grass roots football, or refereeing on the Premier League.

For more information, please contact Andy Moisey, Referee Development Manager for details. 

Yes, our website has a specific Laws of the Game section. The Laws is updated each new season, not only for referees but for coaches, players and parents also. If you have any enquiries at all, please contact Andy Moisey, Referee Development Manager.

Yes, Hampshire FA deliver Community Match Official Workshops. Please contact Andy Moisey for details.

We deliver a number of courses throughout the year. For more information about The FA Referee Course please visit our 'Development and Courses' page.

We are looking for young referees to come forward with any ideas they may have about how we can help others. These may come from something you think is done well in your area or maybe something you think could be done better.

If you have any ideas on how we can support and progress youth referees in your area please contact your local area representative or County Youth Referee Coordinator, Richard Honey.