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The Hampshire FA Young Person’s Forum is focused on developing and supporting young people by empowering those aged 24 and under in to shape football. The Young Person’s Forum has the responsibility to ensure that young people are able to voice their opinion and develop life skills.

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Name: Jake Ashton  
Age: 22
Role within YPF: Chairperson
Biggest achievement: First of my family name to graduate from University
Personal ambitions: Aspiring to be better whilst enjoying the journey
Ambitions for the YPF: To use my knowledge and experience to help guide others to better themselves.

Specialist subject: Coaching

Twitter: @HampshireFA_FDA


Name: Pedro Viveiros         
Age: 22
Role within YPF: Vice Chairperson
Biggest achievement: Getting a place at Bournemouth University to study BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching Sciences
Personal ambitions: To graduate from Bournemouth University with 1st class (Hons) and get a job in sports development.
Ambitions for the YPF: To continue to help shape football within Hampshire and get across the views of young people in football.  Also to network with members of the YPF and other football development professionals.
Specialist subject: Coaching


Name: Kyran 'Chipp' Goverd
Role: TBC 
Biggest achievement: Making it out of Somerset alive and attending FF Leadership Academy


Personal ambitions: Gaining a full time job in football development!
Ambitions for the YPF: To be a inspiring leader that can support the delivery of effective YPF events 
Specialist subject:  Running events, Coaching, Promoting and developing the game
Twitter - @ChippKG



Name: Tom Oliver
Age: 23
Role: TBC
Biggest achievement: Running 2hrs 48 and finishing second in my first ever marathon.  
Personal ambitions: To have an impact on the way children perceive sport and physical activity.   
Ambitions for the YPF:  I am looking forward to working as part of a team discussing the development of the game and delivering projects on a regional level.
Specialist subject: Coaching
Twitter: @tomoybr


Name: Macauley Antell
Age: 21
Role: TBC 
Biggest achievement: Organising a charity football fun day raising £500 for Naomi house in memory of a young person that died. Taking the role as coach with Whiteley wanderers U16 
Personal ambitions: work with an academy set up or the national governing body
Ambitions for the YPF:  bring grass roots and the county FA together and to take away that divide. I also want to contribute new ways on developing players. 
Specialist subject:  I enjoy coaching football and have a strong passion for developing players to play at the highest level for as long as they can
Twitter - @macaulayantell


Name: Adam Scrivens
Age: 20
Role: TBC 
Biggest achievement: Refereeing in international youth tournaments in Hungary and Portugal
Personal ambitions: Graduate from Portsmouth University and get a job in the sport development sector. Hopefully develop my refereeing and try to progress through the levels. Also complete FA coaching courses. 
Ambitions for the YPF: To have a tangible effect on how football is run in Hampshire and increase participation opportunities for all. To develop a good working relationship and effective team within the YPF.
Specialist subject: Refereeing

Twitter: @ADscrivs


Name: Sean Lofting
Age: 19
Role: TBC
Biggest achievement: Qualifying for the World Cup with San Marino on Football Manager... and completing my A-Levels to get into Uni
Personal ambitions: Become an Academy Level Football Coach
Ambitions for the YPF: Improve provision for young coaches in Hampshire
Specialist subject: Coaching / Refereeing / Developing the Game.

Twitter: @SeanLCoaching


Name: Joe Madge
Age: 18
Role within YPF: 
Biggest achievement: Working and coaching with homeless and disabled people in football.
Personal ambitions: Being a part of the marketing department for a major sports team. 
Ambitions for the YPF: Improve inclusivity and legacy for the development in football. 
Specialist subject: Promoting the game. 

Twitter: @JMadge01


Name: Dragos Cavasdan
Age: 20
Role: TBC
Biggest Achievement: Developing personally and starting a career in England
Personal Ambitions: Open an Academy in Romania
YPF Ambitions: To create a good working relationship with other YPF members and
to be a part of developing football in Hampshire.
Specialist Subject: Coaching / Running Events / (a bit of) Promoting the Game / Developing the Game



Name: Dom Frost
Age: 19
Role:  TBC
Biggest Achievement: Receiving the Mick North Referee award for the highest average rating in Within the  Cambridgeshire FA's Young referee programme (90.2) in the 2014/15 season
Personal Ambitions: To graduate from Bournemouth University with 1st class honours
and get a job in sports development.
YPF Ambitions: To inspire and provide opportunities for all participants within Hampshire
Specialist Subject: Specialist football futures (R


Name: Shakira Day
Role: TBC
Biggest Achievement: Graduating from the university of Winchester
Personal Ambitions: To work for an international sporting organisation
YPF Ambitions: To achieve the goals in which are implemented whilst giving every young person within Hampshire the opportunity to participate and improve as players within the sporting industry regardless of their age, gender, ethnic and social background. However my main ambition is just purely making a positive contribution to the way football is run within the UK.
Specialist Subject: Running events and Promoting the Game



Name: Beth Roche
Age: 20
Role: TBC
Biggest Achievement: being successful in getting a job with the club I've grown up playing under and supporting, known as Fulham FC
Personal Ambitions: to finish university with a degree and peruse my career in football coaching or PE teaching.
YPF Ambitions: To be able to fulfill my role as a YPF and to help develop and promote football to a wide range of people around the Hampshire area.
Specialist Subject: Football Coach

Twitter: @BethRochee10





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