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County Welfare Officer Ian Binks: / 01256 853012 / 07718122900

Is mandatory for all Youth Clubs to have a qualified appointed Club Welfare Officer (CWO) having attended the Welfare Officer Workshop. Pre-requisites for this qualification are an accepted FA CRC with a DBS and the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop qualification.

CWO's are used as FACRC (Criminal Records Check) verifiers for their clubs, hence removing the need of club members sending personal documentation through the post. Additionally with the support of the County WO and the League WO they take the lead on educating best practices to their respective Clubs.

Each CWO when qualified is notified of the CRC Online system which commenced in July 2011. So far over 330 CWO's have registered their club for this online service (July 2017). CWO's should contact GB Group who facilitate CRC applications on behalf of The FA by calling 0845 210 8080 or via e mail
FAChecks@TheFA.comClick here for the online site. A PowerPoint presentation guide is attached in the documentation list below to assist CWO's to register their clubs for the online service.

A paperwork application now costs £20.00 whereas clubs can save £10.00 per application by using the online service which is clearly cheaper and more efficient. 

The FA Welfare Officer Information Pack and The CWO Club Safeguarding Checklist Interactive (editable) are both available below to download - see below.

The packs offers information about the role of a welfare officer at both club and league level. This has been developed in conjunction with other county FA's to provide guidance for all welfare officers across the country. This pack will provide information, guidance and ideas on the role of a welfare officer, as well as some practical tips. Also available as a download is the Welfare Officer Code of Conduct.

Also available is information to enter the Online Safeguarding System and how the CWO can access this and what it provides.

Online Safeguarding for Committee Members: 3 officers inc club secs/chairs/CWOs need to complete for affiliation to be approved in 2017-18.

Safeguarding Online for CWO's

A number of our CWO's are already involved with the Safeguarding Online system this is accessed via Hampshire FA Member Services and a document providing guidance is one of the attachments below. It does require the CWO to have an email address. Accessing Member Services as a Club Official will enable the CWO to see who in the club has been CRC’d and who also holds a current Safeguarding Certificate (3-year life).

As a consequence of The FA Safeguarding Commitment which clubs have signed to agree by, it is the club's responsibility to ensure that their records are reflected accurately on the Whole Game System. This document provides guidance to Club Welfare Officers for maintaining this process.

The FA Safeguarding Children re-certification process.

The re-certification course is now an online course and is FREE, click here. Please click here for guidance on the process of re-certification for the Safeguarding Children workshop.

You will need your FA number

The online re-certification for adults can now be undertaken consecutively and there is now no requirement to attend a tutor lead course after the initial training workshop has been taken. The FA has recognised individual volunteers have considerable demands placed on them and spare time is precious, hence individuals can now re-certify consecutively online instead of attending a tutor lead course. Those that wish to complete a tutor course can still do so.There is now a designated safeguarding course for 16 and 17 year olds to complete the tutor led workshop whereas before their learning was through a DVD. 14 and 15 year olds will continue with the online learning module which has been reviewed and is smart phone and tablet compatible.

There will be a micro app which can be purchased at a cost of £6.99 an upload can be achieved against a football association number (FAN) a guide will also be phased in with help and assistance on each page.

The County schedules Safeguarding Children Workshops as part of Level 1 Coach Courses, Referee Courses and Standalones. All three are similar and may be topped-up by any of the disciplines, resulting in approximately 70 workshops being made available annually. If members of your club require to attend the workshop please use the 'Book Online' service by
clicking here or contact Jackie Binnington on 01256 853014 /

The FA Learning contact is:

Thinkuknow Website 

The website provided by CEOP (Child Protection & Online Protection) is worth a visit if you haven’t already done so. It offers up to date advice and guidance for children and parents on the safe use of the internet. This website has been designed by young people for young people.

Telephone Numbers

The FA/NSPCC 24 hour Helpline number…

0808 800 5000. The FA teamed up with the NSPCC several years ago and contributed financially to the nationally known NSPCC 24-hour Helpline number. Anyone wishing to report a concern about a child or seek advice can phone The FA/NSPCC 24-hour Helpline 0808 800 5000. This number is dealt with by a team of NSPCC trained staff who will inform The FA of concerns they receive relating to football. It also offers a deaf users textphone on 0800 056 0566.

The FA Report Discrimination free phone number and email address …

0800 058 0508 to report allegations of discrimination such as sexist, racist and homophobic abuse as well as abuse in relation to disability. This number is dealt with by FA staff in London although allegations can be passed back to a County FA or other organisation to deal with. There is also an email address:  
which can be used as an alternative to the phone number.

Portability- DBS update service guidance

Since June 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) allows applicants to keep their DBS certificate up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online, meaning they may never have to apply for a new CRC. Full details of how this new service is administered is available through the documentation attached below.

Please note that to be eligible for portability, registration must take place within 19 days from the date of issue of the CRC certificate read more here.

The FA CRC is ‘portable’ between FA clubs – a referee who has an FA CRC can also be the Club Welfare Officer using the same document. A CWO moving from one football club to another uses the same FA CRC document. 

All Registered Referees over the age of 16 must have an enhanced FA CRC plus attendance at a Safeguarding Children Workshop.

The CRC renewal is required to be undertaken on individuals associated with their clubs every 3 years. In time, this will become a legal requirement.

CWO's must ensure that their Managers, Coaches, Physios and those volunteers who meet the criteria that are involved in regulated activity unsupervised hold a valid and up to date accepted FA CRC. The definition of regulated activity; Activity which involves teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children OR providing guidance\advice on well being OR driving a vehicle only for children AND it happens frequently (once a week or more often) OR happens intensively (on 4 or more days in a 30 day period or overnight) AND the individual carrying out the activity of teaching, training OR instructing is unsupervised. See attached important information for CWO affiliation.

CRC's are sensitive personal documents. They cannot be demanded for observation by anyone else other than the FA DBS and neither should they be photocopied. The only information that can be requested by the Club or Organisation is the CRC Serial Number. Should content be disclosed on an FA disclosure the individual applicant will be contacted by the FA DBS and they will be required to send in the original disclosure certificate within 21 days so that a risk assessment can be carried out to determine suitability for working unsupervised in regulated activity. Failure to send in the disclosure upon request will result in a non-compliant suspension.

If your club/ team operates within a school environment, the school may request that you become CRC’d under their agency despite holding an FA CRC.

Welfare Officers Workshop

The Welfare Officers Workshop is for Club Welfare Officers and Youth League Welfare Officers. Prerequisites are:

Accepted and up-to-date FA CRC and attendance at an FA Safeguarding Children in Football workshop.

Support & Guidance

I am available to assist CWO’s as required so please contact me via e mail or telephone as you deem appropriate.

Contact the Welfare Officer, Ian Binks: / 01256 853012 / 07718 122900

For a complete list of Safeguarding Policy Documents please
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