England Football Grassroots Awards

Who Will You Nominate for an Award?

Now accepting nominations until the 3rd of April 2024.

The Grassroots Football Awards are here for you to say thank you to all the people and organisations who give their time to make football happen… our awesome volunteers who give so much week-in, week out, rain or shine. And they are for you, the parents, coaches, clubs, leagues, fellow volunteers, match officials and more to pass on your appreciation.

Across our county we want to find these amazing people, share their story nationally and celebrate them. And just say a huge thank you.

You can nominate as many times as you like, in as many categories as you like.


How to nominate



Top tips for a successful nomination

CHECK THE CRITERIA - Link what you write to the what we are looking for section of the award you are nominating to

DETAILS MATTER - Don’t hold back, tell us specifically what makes your volunteer great and what they do to hit the award criteria 

TELL US THEIR STORY - How are they different to everyone else? What do they do that is great?


Nominate Below

This year, it’s easier than ever. You can now tell their story in a way you want simply by letting us know:

  • What they do, and how it impresses you
  • How they make a difference to others’ lives
  • Where they’ve had an impact in their community

The more detail you give, the better.

So let’s find the people who make football great in our County. And they can win a National Award and have the chance to go to be celebrated at Wembley. There are twelve different categories for you to nominate into.

Nominations are open to the 3rd April 2024.

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Click the image below to nominate for a Hampshire FA Grassroots Football Award (various categories). 
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