Hampshire FA Rainbow Laces CPD session

Rainbow Laces CPD Workshop

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Thursday 30th November 2023

6:30pm - 8pm



CPD for coaches, managers, committee members, players, referees and parents involved in grassroots football.



The aim of this CPD session is to contribute to a positive change towards a more accepting football environment. This initiative aims at promoting inclusivity, diversity, and allyship in football through education and insights provided during the session.


Key outcomes

  •  Attendees to come away with a greater understanding of how to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Increase in confidence on how to apply best practice, deal with LGBTQ+ phobia, and support LGBTQ+ individuals who are part of the Hampshire FA football community.
  • Questions that attendees would have submitted prior to the CPD will be discussed in smaller groups, with interest in how they can apply their learnings to their football environment.


Benefits of this CPD

  • Education on the most effective and ethical ways to support LGBTQ+ individuals in football (and their own departments)
  • Understanding of the importance of support systems and those available to LGB TQ+ individuals.
  • Awareness of practical steps and strategies from making environments more inclusive and respectful.
  • Education on the importance of being allies and how they can actively support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.  


 Topics covered

  • Support Systems
  • Welcoming & Inclusive Spaces
  • Best Practice & Allyship


Session structure

18:30 – 18:35: Introduction form the Chair.

18:35 -18:45: Presentation of the panel members’ personal stories and football.

18:45 – 19:05: Theme 1:  Support Systems.

19:05 – 19:10: Breakout Room 1

19:10 – 19:25: Theme 2:  Welcoming & Inclusive Spaces

19:25 – 19:30: Breakout Room 2

19:30 – 19:45: Theme 3: Best Practice & Allyship

19:45 – 19:50: Breakout Room 3

19:50 – 20:00 Final questions & End of CPD


Guest Speakers

Max Lindsay
Founder of Rainbow Saints.

Natalie Washington

British football player, Trustee & Organiser for the Trans Pride Brighton & Hove, best known for her work as campaign lead for Football v Transphobia.


Clare Bassett

Clare started out as a volunteer grassroots coach for the girl's team she played for at the time, when she was just 15. Clare later proceeded to study Football Coaching and Development at the University of South Wales where she was introduced to the inclusion manager at Cardiff City Foundation. She became the Girl’s Inclusion Coach for the Cardiff City Foundation engaging girls from areas of high deprivation and historically hard to reach communities. Clare then moved onto the Wycombe Wanderers Foundation where she worked on mental health programmes, female engagement and social inclusion as well as starting a EDI working group to improve the the foundation's overall inclusion process. Clare later became the EDI Officer at Reading FC where she proudly started Berkshire's first LGBTQ+ football team, the Rainbow Royals, who still till this day. Clare is currently the Senior Sport Development Officer at Stonewall.


Anne-Marie Godfrey

W3 Referee, Hampshire FA



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