We support deaf awareness

Hampshire FA Supports Deaf Awareness Week 2023

Ongoing Support for Deaf Awareness and Inclusion in Football. #WeSupportDeafAwareness

As part of our mission to promote inclusion and access for all, Hampshire Football Association (Hampshire FA) is proud to announce our support for the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign during the Deaf Awareness Week 2023. Using the power of football, we strive to build a better community in Hampshire that is welcoming and supportive of all individuals, including those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.

The theme of this year's Deaf Awareness Week (2nd to 7th of May 2023) is Inclusion - we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities and access to the resources they need to participate in football. We recognize that those suffering from hearing impairments often face communication difficulties and additional barriers when participating in sports, which is why we are proud to support the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign.

Simon Houghton, the founder of the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign, is providing all members of the Hampshire FA Football Community with free access to his organization's Deaf Awareness online training. This training will help participants gain a better understanding of the experiences of deaf people and promote inclusion in football.

To access the training, click the button below, and use the code HAMPSHIREFA.


In addition, Simon has recorded a video introducing the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign, which you can view below. We encourage all members of the Hampshire FA community to watch the video and join us in promoting deaf awareness and inclusion in football.

Hampshire FA will continue to work around deaf awareness even after the campaign is finished. There are a number of projects in the works, including sensory football and British Sign Language workshops for our staff members. These initiatives will help us create a more inclusive and welcoming community that celebrates diversity and promotes access for all.

We are also calling on our local grassroots football clubs and leagues to join us in celebrating deaf awareness and promoting inclusion in football. We would love to hear about the projects and campaigns that they come up with.