Artice_adding suspensions

Adding Suspension Matches on Whole Game System

Find out how to add suspension matches on the Whole Game System, with info taken directly from the Grassroots Discipline Guide.

If the team has no more fixtures remaining at the end of a Season, the suspension is lifted and commences when that teams first qualifying fixture takes place in the new Season.

The Player is free from suspension between the last qualifying fixture and the opening qualifying fixture of the new Season to participate for any team they wish to - this applies to Match Based Discipline football only.

An abandoned or postponed match will not count towards clearing a Player of suspension as it is not a completed fixture. Any Misconduct received in the abandoned fixture must
still be processed by the County FA.

Importantly, this is still the case even if a League decides that the result from the abandoned fixture stands. All matches must be completed for the fixture to count towards the suspension.

Leagues can only deal with status of the fixture once all disciplinary action has been completed by the County FA. Leagues will decide on the status of the game in accordance with the relevant League Standard Code of Rules.

A game that is classed as a ‘double header’ where teams play each other twice on the same day is classed as two matches. A Player can therefore use both fixtures as qualifying matches.

Click here to view and download the Grassroots Discipline Guide and on page 13 for the full information relating to the above.