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Special Forever Home Needed For Two Brothers in Hampshire

Adopt South
Adopt South is seeking a forever family for Dylan and James

Adopt South is searching for a forever family for two affectionate, happy little brothers who love to play together with their Marvel toys and listen to stories.

Adopt South, the Regional Adoption Agency for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton local authorities, is reaching out to the wider community to find a forever home for the Dylan and James*. The siblings are currently being cared for by kind and compassionate foster carers as they have been unable to continue to live with their birth family.

Dylan is the eldest sibling and has just turned four. With a delightful smile and big blue eyes, he is a good at making things with his hands like Duplo and stickle bricks or solving a jigsaw. Dylan likes Paw Patrol and plays with lots of cars which he does with his younger brother. He enjoys the company of other children and is sociable; he is always keen to have a cuddle with his foster carers or have a sing-along to his favourite theme tune every morning before nursery.

James, three years old, is very close to his brother. A very happy and contented little boy, James enjoys being with adults and children and likes the company of others. Spending time outdoors and going to the park is one of James’ favourite things to do; he has a new bicycle he’s learning to ride on. James also likes to sing along to Milkshake TV in the morning; he’s happy pushing his cars around the room or pretending to make a story with one of his Marvel characters. He likes to travel to the nursery in the car with his brother and wave Dylan goodbye.

Dylan and James are very close brothers. Despite the normal sibling squabbles, the boys always play closely together and with other children. They share make-believe stories when they play and enjoy the same children’s programmes. The boys share a bedroom, so they are used to being very close to each other. Says their social worker: “The boys are very captivating when you meet them with their big smiles and loving hearts.”

Dylan and James are currently having high protein diets, extra zinc and vitamins to increase their weight and immunity. Both have some delay in their development, but they are progressing well. Through a series of medical tests, it was discovered that James has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder which causes muscle weakness and speech delay. DMD causes degeneration of the fibrous connections in the body and is more prevalent during teenage years. There is no cure for DMD, however, a collective therapy programme with the support of specialists including physiotherapists and medicines can manage some of the deterioration caused by DMD.

Says Rachel Reynolds, Head of Adopt South "These boys are such happy and affectionate brothers. Unfortunately, James’ diagnosis of DMD has meant that many people interested in the boys have held back because of the commitment and responsibility of caring for a child with a disability.

“We will wholeheartedly support the right parent(s) for James and Dylan today and in the future. We have found many of our children with additional needs a family to grow up in. Adoptive parents can come from many different backgrounds and profiles; they can be 40+ years, single, LGBT+ or have families with children already; they can be blended homes, part of faith communities and families with more than one generation living together. Many children are now thriving and being loved and cherished for who they are. Dylan and James also need the stability and love of a family life where their forever parent(s) would feel honoured to bring these boys into their lives, having the skills and understanding to meet their needs.

“With the help of our residents and communities here in the South, I believe there is a forever family for Dylan and James. We welcome an informal conversation with anyone who feels they could be a mum or dad to these boys and keep them together.”

Adopt South has a strong network of adopter families who are also mentors to those going through the adoption process. This is backed by many courses, using the latest training technology such as Virtual Reality to help families develop their parenting skills. All Adopt South families have access to ongoing advice and support for their children up to the age of 18 years.

For more information on Dylan and James, visit their dedicated Adopt South page:

For further information on adoption, visit or call to speak to Adopt South’s friendly team on 0300 3000 011 Monday to Friday.