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PALS Battalion CIC Sponsor Saturday Vets Cup Competition

PALS Battalion CIC has become the Hampshire FA Saturday Vets Cup sponsor for the 2022-23 season.

PALS Battalion CIC is a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company founded in 2018 by Leon Stokes. The company has gone on to create and develop several projects designed with the community firmly in mind, ensuring there is a positive and lasting legacy that exists beyond the projects themselves. Projects have focused on areas of sport and physical health, mental health, and community support.

The company has engaged several volunteers, participants, members, and supporters across the country, in supporting their local communities. Members have helped at local food banks, supported national food bank drives and have even organised sports in communal settings, thus making it accessible and inclusive for all.  

The company prides itself on its ethos and vision of “striving for positive change one pal at a time”.

“We would like to warmly welcome PALS Battalion as the sponsor of the Hampshire FA Saturday Vets Cup Competition. We consider it a privilege to be working with a company that is so vested in helping its local community and some of the projects undertaken are closely-linked to the work we as a not-for-profit organisation also undertake” Neil Cassar, Hampshire FA CEO.

"The PALS Battalion CIC has a plethora of projects spanning various avenues and naturally because of the wide scope of engagement within a community and impact that football can have, even from a grassroots level, we decided to develop not one but two football teams and focus on a community level core set of values and an ethos derived from the PALS CIC itself. 

We are very much proud to sponsor, partner and support the Hampshire FA's Veterans Cup for this season and look forward to being able to spread the word on what our organisation is about through the fantastic amount of avenues football creates for a community." - Leon P Stokes, CEO of PALS Battalion CIC

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