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23 Children In Our Region Have An Uncertain Future

Adopt South
Adopt South are seeking families who can adopt and change these children's lives forever

Sadly they didn’t get the start in life they deserved. Could you adopt and change their lives forever?

For most people, being part of a family is something they can rely on from birth. Unfortunately, there are children across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, who are unable to live with their birth parents, and who are instead cared for by kind and compassionate foster carers.

Lilly is just three and loves playing with her dolls. Siblings Oliver, aged five years and Theo who is nearly three, enjoy going to the local park, or like to play with their toy cars endlessly. They are just some of the children waiting for a permanent family life.


Every child deserves a family life

Today, there are all types of wonderful families from different backgrounds and circumstances who support one or more children to feel included, safe and loved forever. Some families have single parents, while others are couples who are heterosexual, same sex or gender fluid. Ethnicity, religion, or culture, these differences don’t matter – what matters is that a child is loved and supported to feel safe and respected.


All children need the love of a parent

School teacher Kirsty knew about the high numbers of black children who were waiting in foster care and felt that with a bit of learning and support she could be a mum and help a child thrive in a forever home. Kirsty adopted an older child, and says it’s the best thing she’s ever done.

"I’m so pleased about adoption I actually encourage other friends... you need to go and do that. Do it. For me it’s been wonderful.”


Help keep siblings together

Mike and Natalie both felt very strongly that they could offer a family life to a brother and sister who might otherwise stay in the care system for a long time. “Young siblings have a strong bond together but need to be wrapped in the cushion of being loved and cherished by one or more parent. We knew that separating siblings from one another can have long term effects on children.”

Adopt South is seeking more mums and dads who can give children a shared life together.


Affording family is possible

Families who adopt two children or more, or adopt a child with additional needs, may also get additional financial support through Adopt South.


If you’ve been thinking about adoption and the children waiting, contact us today:

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*Children with Placement Orders as of 5th July 2021