Hampshire FA and help me Angela Personal Safety Trial

Hampshire FA Launch Personal Safety Trial

Hampshire FA are offering over 400 of the county's referees the opportunity to trial a new personal safety app

Announcing a groundbreaking initiative to help referees and all involved in football feel safer whilst enjoying their football and living their daily lives.

The Trial

Hampshire FA are delighted to announce a six-month trial with help me Angela who have supported the County FA initiative to help referee’s feel safer using their personal safety app, providing trialists with a Guardian Angel 24/7. The aim of the trial is to better support Hampshire FA referees and collect feedback as to whether the help me Angela app can help the grassroots football community feel safer moving forwards.

Hampshire FA take personal safety in the footballing community very seriously and completely endorse the help me Angela statement that “feeling safe is not a privilege, it is our right”.

Together, Hampshire FA and help me Angela are running a trial with over 400 referees across the county, who have been invited by email to join the Hampshire FA and help me Angela personal safety community, giving them access to the help me Angela app completely free of charge for 6 months.

help me Angela has created a personal safety community with an individual safety program that helps people feel safer.

Their mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play):

  • Uses leading edge technology with access to UK-based safety specialists 24/7 
  • Sends real time safety alerts 
  • And when you need them – they’ve got you
    • 24/7 incident response
    • Escalation to 999 and emergency services
    • Treatment and recovery program. 

Hampshire FA CEO, Neil Cassar, said: "Hampshire FA are extremely pleased to be working with help me Angela to offer their unique and innovative personal safety app to the grassroots football community. We are enjoying the opportunity to pioneer a new trial of the app with a large group of our referees. We believe this is a great way of providing them with support to help them feel safer."

help me Angela Co-Founder and Ex-Premier League and International Referee, Graham Barber, said: “We are delighted to be working with Hampshire FA on this project. Collectively, we all believe that help me Angela will help the referees on the trial and the football community in the county feel safer. I believe that feeling safe is not a privilege, it is our right and we should enjoy our involvement in football without living in fear.”


Your Safety

As an additional benefit alongside this trial, help me Angela are offering all members of the Hampshire football community 10% off their monthly membership, with an additional 5% discount available for annual subscription.

To find out more about how to feel safer when going about your own daily lives visit: https://helpmeangela.com/hfa/


For further information about the help me Angela personal safety app, see: https://helpmeangela.com/ or email Hello@helpmeAngela.com

For any further information about this trial, please email: Oliver.White@HampshireFA.com