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As Ramadan begins, learn more with our guidance for those involved in football

By The FA 

We have today published guidance to support participants and employees across the footballing community during the holy month of Ramadan, which begins this week

The annual guide includes information on how fasting and other lifestyle changes during this period may impact participants across adult and youth football, with advice on exercise and nutrition for practising Muslims, as well as guidance for non-Muslim players and staff to ensure their footballing environment is as inclusive and welcoming as possible. 

The guidance, which 
can be viewed here, was created with input from the Al-Khoei Foundation, the Ramadan Tent Project and Crystal Palace FC’s Dr Zaf Iqbal, and is supported by Kick It Out and the PFA. 

Edleen John, our director of international relations, corporate affairs and co-partner for equality, diversity and inclusion, said: "Ensuring football is truly welcoming for individuals from all faiths and belief backgrounds remains a key priority for us. 

"By sharing information, we can help to support an environment throughout the game where people are encouraged and empowered to be themselves. We acknowledge that Ramadan is the most important time of year for practising Muslims and this guidance aims to raise awareness and encourage increased inclusivity during this holy period."

The organisation continues to focus on tackling discrimination, recently engaging with Professor Imran Awan of Birmingham City University and Dr Irene Zempi of Nottingham Trent University to better understand their research into the experiences of Muslim players within grassroots football.

We also continue to work with our Faith and Football group, comprising members of the largest world religions, which advises on barriers to football that people of faith may experience or perceive. 

Wembley Stadium previously hosted an open Iftar – the evening meal with which the Muslim community ends the daily fast during Ramadan – with around 350 attendees. While that isn’t currently possible due COVID-19, Wembley Stadium will facilitate a live call to prayer and panel session in collaboration with the Ramadan Tent Project on Friday 30 April 2021, to be streamed online here

For further information about our work in faith and football, click here


Ramadan 2021 Guidance Notes