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Promotional Board Purchases Surge Across Hampshire FA Facilities!

Prior to lockdown, Hampshire FA launched a new opportunity for companies which replaced the entry-level Supporters package as the lowest priced option to be advertised by the association.

Promotional boards advertised at Hampshire FA facilities in locations including Basingstoke, Southampton and Portsmouth have garnered the interest of new and current partners alike.

The three facilities guarantee a great attendance throughout the week and are constantly in use, particularly during evenings, with regular training taking place across all pitches.

With waiting lists quantifying the increasing interest in people wanting to be made aware of the occasional free slot, brands can be sure that they are solidly visible in front of audiences spanning approximately 600+ and in some cases, hitting the 1k mark. Matches at the venues draw in diverse audiences whilst footfall traffic also benefits from seeing different brands promoted as the boards are situated in prime locations throughout the facilities.

With social media announcements flooding Hampshire FA’s feeds to announce new partners signing up to the new promotional option, the digital presence coupled with the physical presence of a board has gone that one step further to ensuring that a brand is suitably and primely noticeable. Advertising at sport facilities can form an integral and an extension to a company’s marketing strategy; they can support brand development, promote corporate image and can communicate key messages tailored to a specific and segmented audience.

Although the promotional board option is a standalone package, the Hampshire FA Supporters package has expanded into tiers including silver, gold and platinum. These packages now provide all of the entry-level benefits associated with the Hampshire FA (bronze) Supporters package which comprises of a diverse mix of marketing and company benefits but with the added benefit of an advertising board (silver) whilst the higher tiers increase the board quantities to include two advertising boards (gold) or three boards across all Hampshire FA facilities (platinum).

The Supporters club boasts a growing number of businesses and over 30 companies now enjoy the many benefits associated with the different packages. Our Supporters packages are tiered to meet the requirements of companies and what is feasible - this means we can accommodate to all businesses, their sizes and scales! 

Since the start of the new season we have seen existing partners upgrade their packages from the bronze level. PTS Compliance, AA Business Supplies, Elanse Cleaning and Koolpak have all gone the extra mile to upgrade their existing Supporters packages to higher tiers.

At a time of economic uncertainty, it is reassuring that Hampshire FA has seen a surge in sponsorships with partners also choosing to upgrade their current packages and commit to longer terms.

As ever, we look forward to a prosperous season ahead and of continuing to work in partnership with those who even during these challenging times, choose to remain a part of the beautiful game and of our shared vision.

Interested in finding out about our Supporters packages or standalone board options? Email the team and we’ll gladly be in touch with you shortly! 


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