Red Card

Give COVID-19 the Red Card with a Hampshire FA Commercial Kick-Start

How can a minimal cost really result in maximum gain for your company?

As businesses face a tumultuous time and period of uncertainty, the last thing you want to think about is an additional outgoing. 

However, are you fully aware too of the benefits associated with a commercial sponsorship and how that can boost business?


A minimal cost can really result in maximum gain for your company and here’s why! 


Sponsorship can provide huge benefits to a company. These benefits can be in the form of: enhanced publicity, underpinning or changing the company’s corporate image, improve its public relations, the promotion of a company’s products or services to a new or diverse audience, give the company a competitive edge in front of its competitors, integrate into a company’s marketing strategy with another avenue promoting the company and expanding on available resource (Leisure & Recreation Management, Torkildsen G, 2005).


That’s right, we weren’t just going to put our point of view across as to why it can be so beneficial!


With a base of over 30 commercial partners at Hampshire FA, and some businesses working closely with us for well over a decade, there must be something we are doing right to keep them with us. During this period of uncertainty, we have still seen a surge of sponsorship enquiries. Whilst many of our staff are still furloughed, one thing that is certain is that the appetite for working and partnering with other businesses is still at a peak. This period was perhaps realisation of the importance of working more closely together, keeping the lines of communication open and to achieve desired outcomes through the strengthening of relations.


One thing that has been consistent with our approach is the increase in commercial benefits without raising the costs – we have never raised the costs on any of our sponsorship packages since the very formation of our first ever commercial opportunities brochure back in September 2009!

We communicate with all partners at the start of every season with the new benefits that we wish to introduce. There is no bill or hidden charge anywhere to be found on their renewed invoice; we believe in total transparency and a need to reciprocate the loyalty of those who continue to invest in our beautiful game.

Additionally, after seeing the costs of joining a networking group, we decided to bring our partners closer together through the introduction of quarterly commercial networking meetings. A chance for MD’s, Directors or other senior staff members, to come along and network with other businesses organised by our association over a free breakfast and cuppa! Through this approach, many businesses have seen an increase in sales for their products and services. 


“We have enjoyed many years of being partnered with Hampshire FA and plan to keep this partnership going long-term and beyond. Hampshire FA have connected us to many businesses, have allowed us to form new connections through their commercial networking gatherings and we have also been able to obtain some great incentives as a result of their partner programme. They have also been a regular customer of ours so there is a reciprocal loyalty there in return for our business. The partnership is mutually beneficial to both of our organisations and without question, we are partners as well as our friends. There is never a hard-sell approach to what they do and they always have time to meet or have a call to discuss any aspect of the partnership, offering ways we can do more together. We are proud to be linked with them” Steve Taylor, MD of A&A Business Supplies Ltd


“Being a Hampshire FA Patron has brought numerous benefits to our business. We have enjoyed a number of additional sales, widened our network of clients and contacts and have enjoyed the products and services offered by many other patrons. Being a part of Hampshire FA’s Supporters club is highly recommended, whether football is your interest or not”Stewart Wilkins, MD of Splash Display 


Whilst we are a county football association and our main and primary focus is the continuation, growth and sustainability of the grassroots game, we are commercially forward-thinking and modern in our approach.


“A county Football Association must go beyond the realms of one-off schemes and grants in order to be financially sustainable. Mutually beneficial partnerships through commercial sponsorship has the power to achieve this”


Our commercial packages are varied to suit the needs of all businesses, regardless of size.

We have standardised, entry level packages which provide several marketing benefits coupled with diverse company incentives. Our official rights packages provide exclusivity on an initiative or product related to either our association or the game itself (this can include facility sponsorship, county FA league sponsorship or football programme) as featured in our commercial opportunity brochure.

Lastly, we also introduced a bespoke commercial package offer. The bespoke opportunity is open to businesses who cannot fit within a specific package or who may simply want to tell us what they want and are looking for; both parties then mutually agree on a package in order to make the partnership work for a set duration.


Adaptable, flexible, forward-thinking!

If you are interested in finding out more about the commercial packages available at Hampshire FA, click HERE to view our commercial page! 

Alternatively, if you just fancy a call without reading all the contents of our brochure, we’d be happy to do so! Email the team and we can get that arranged with you as soon as possible. 

For now though, it’ll have to be a virtual discussion over a cuppa… 


Click HERE to download the full Hampshire FA Commercial Opportunities Brochure