Does your club need more volunteers?

Clubs and leagues in the Southampton area can now take advantage of a new scheme to recruit volunteers!

Clubs and leagues in the Southampton area can now take advantage of a new scheme to recruit volunteers from the Solent University Football Leadership Programme

Organisations can advertise any and all volunteer roles they have to a body of students looking to gain experience in the industry in which they aim to work in the future. 


Simply fill in the THIS FORM and submit it directly to Kim.Wilcox@Solent.ac.uk and your opportunities will then be promoted on the Football Studies intranet and approximately 300 students from all three years will be actively encouraged to apply for roles as a part of their studies. 


The Football Leadership Programme is aligned to undergraduate degree courses in BA (hons) Football Studies and BA (hons) Football Business Management at Solent University. The aim is to offer students the opportunity to learn from real-world experience in the football industry by supporting a range of local grassroots football clubs, leagues, initiatives and projects.  This provides a forum for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom and enhances the quality of the learning experience. Students study Football Development across all three years of their degree course, with modules focused on the underlying principles of football development, the strategic context of football development and professional practice in football development so the range of roles they fill and support is broad. 


‘Students are keen to gain experience by working at all levels and with a diverse range of participants. They are encouraged to seek roles in a variety of areas such as offering a high quality introduction to football, developing clubs and leagues, managing sustainable facilities, supporting a diverse workforce, ensuring a varied football offer to suit a range of needs, and marketing and promoting football for all. By working closely with local football providers, we aim to maximise each students' potential to support, contribute to, develop and lead in football.’ Kim Wilcox, lead Lecturer on the Football Leadership Programme at Solent University. 


To find out more about the Undergraduate degree programmes at Solent University, follow @solentfootball or visit the course pages: