Black Friday

Black Friday Discounts to Last Across Weekend

For the first time ever, Hampshire FA is getting on the Black Friday campaign trail!

Black Friday is a take it or leave it sort of deal. You can ignore a good offer when you see one, or you can take advantage of an offer while it lasts. The difference is YOUR mindset. One thing we can guarantee however, is that this offer is only going to last across the Black Friday weekend (Friday 27th November, Saturday 28th November and Sunday 29th November – ending at midnight) so be sure to take advantage of it whilst you can! 


20% off single and double advertising boards

Advertise your brand at a Hampshire FA facility! Locations include Basingstoke, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Contact us for details: 


Does your business operate in any of our facility locations?

Is there a demographic you are looking to target specifically?

Are your services county-wide?

If the answer to the above questions is a yes, then an advertising board would be ideal for your business. The unique selling point of having an advertising board with Hampshire FA is that we are the sole governing body for football in Hampshire, so if you’re looking to target a specific demographic we are in touch with individuals from all walks of life, of all ages, in all locations within the county whose common interest is the beautiful game.  


Advertising at sport facilities can also form an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy and the benefits are numerous, when you consider how small the cost is; they can support brand development, promote corporate image and can communicate key messages tailored to a specific and segmented audience.

Once the board is purchased and advertised at the facility, photos will be taken, and messages created which will then be promoted across Hampshire FA’s social media channels. The digital presence of announcements coupled with the physical presence of a board have gone that one step further to ensuring that a brand is suitably and primely noticeable even if there are no company representatives present at the facilities themselves. 


Even when there is a global pandemic and the world is brought to a bit of a standstill – your advertising board will still be seen, still be present and will still be marketing your business even if your business is not operating at present. Consider this investment in your business during these uncertain times and let us help increase your chances of leads.


View our advertising board options HERE or let’s discuss and find you the best deal for your business by messaging us: