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Free Webinars that will give clubs the confidence to develop their own vision and values!

The aim of these webinars is to begin to provide a series of free, online support services for clubs of all shapes and sizes from the comfort of their own home.

Sessions will be led by an expert on the topic co presented by volunteer(s) from club(s) who will share their story and experiences around the topic. 

There will be an open discussion towards the end of the webinar where volunteers can ask questions around the topic to both the ‘expert’ and the club.   


A topic a month will be discussed with the time of the webinars remaining consistent 20:00 – 21:00 but the days will vary each month and will be communicated at the end of the webinar and then further promoted through relevant social media channels and online platforms.


Some of the current topics looking to be discussed are;

What we stand for - Developing a vision and values at your club

How do we know we’ve made it? - Defining success at your club

Get set up to succeed - Top tips on planning and delivering a winning sports project

Find the right finance for your project - A summary of how to raise, and where to find money

An introduction to club finance - An uncomplicated overview for committee members

Managing your money - An uncomplicated overview for committee members


FREE WEBINAR ‘What we stand for’

February 3rd (8pm)

This webinar will give you the confidence to develop your own vision and values, with the help of trailblazing Lewes FC and their Chairman Stuart Fuller

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Webinar Feb


Clubs FAQS

  • What if I don’t have the software to be able to log in on the webinars?
    • You won’t need to download the software beforehand; you can join by using the link and/or dial in options which will be shared in the email after registration.
  • How much does the webinar cost?
    • Nothing. The webinars are completely free.
  • I want to join a webinar because the content is relevant, but I cannot make it due to other commitments. Is there somewhere I can access these once they have been delivered?
    • Currently we do not have a place on our website where we can store the recordings, however your county FA will be able to get a copy of the recording and send it directly to yourself.
  • How will I know if the content is relevant for me and my club?
    • Upon each promotional material, there will be a small summary to describe what the topic will look into. During the presentation there will be examples of a vision for clubs of all sizes as well as top tips document which will be shared after the event.
  • Can more than one club official sign up for the webinar?
    • Yes, we want club officials to be able to share the volunteering load so are more than happy for more one than volunteer per club to attend.
  • The title says club football forum, will there be a space where I can ask questions after the webinar.
    • The word forum has been added to ensure volunteers get the opportunity to ask questions to both the expert and the volunteer who is co presenting with them. The webinars are not just a sit in and listen, we want this to be as inactive as possible. So, although there is no opportunity after the event to add questions, we hope that the environment we create allows you to ask them on the evening, specific to that topic.
  • What if I am having trouble on the day in terms of sign up or accessing the webinar.
    • If you experience any issues after completing the link of the promotional assets, please email ClubsProgramme@thefa.com where someone from the team will be able to support you and get you connected onto the webinar. When you sign up using the link you will be sent a guide on how to use webinars as well as receiving a reminder that the webinar is coming up.