PROUD to be FA Charter Standard

Do not lose your accreditation during the current set of unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in

We want to make sure clubs like yours, clubs that are PROUD to be FA Charter Standard, do not lose their accreditation during the current set of unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in. 

Therefore, let us update you on what we are doing to support...


We are extending the deadline for you to be able to submit your Annual Health Check: we have moved the deadline of 31st March to 30th April 2020.


As a County FA we have until May 31st to award your application: this means we can work with you to make sure you satisfy the criteria that can still be achieved before this date.


We are removing barriers on the criteria you are currently not able to satisfy so we can award you this season: with delivery of face to face courses and qualifications being on hold this means that criteria missing such as coaches without a Level 1 qualification, or coaches without an in date first aid qualification, can be carried over via your action plan into the 2020-21 season.


So how do you play your part?

  • As managers/coaches can still access the FA Safeguarding Children Qualification online we are advising clubs to check their Gap Closure Form & if they have any managers/coaches that have an action to renew their FA Safeguarding Children qualification online they do this by Friday 22nd May 2020 - LINK 

  • Ensure you refer to your Gap Closure Form in terms of what actions need addressing once football returns 


Again, we will still be supporting you and your volunteers in meeting any criteria you can achieve up until 31st May 2020. This way we can all ensure we are in the best position possible to start football back up again when it is safe and ready for action, demonstrating why your club is the best place to play and enjoy the game for your footballing community. 


For any further information please refer to the FAQs first, or if needed contact Chris.Smith@hampshirefa.com. Please be aware that a number of our team are currently furloughed so responses may be slower than usual. 


Charter Standard Youth Leagues please note:

If you have any club within your league that are not currently Charter Standard and are in a position to submit their application, please email the application to Chris.Smith@hampshirefa.com but Hampshire FA would support you in showing leniency in the current climate and advise that as long as the club have started the process this will be acceptable until courses return along with the rest of football.