Their Game Background

Their Game Initiative 2019-20

Their Game aims to raise awareness of the need to create a positive and pressure-free environment

Their Game will involve coaches and spectators having minimal verbal contact throughout games, to raise awareness of the need to create a positive and pressure-free environment in which children can enjoy football and learn to love and develop in the game. 

This season the Charter Standard & Respect Committee have decided not to stipulate the dates for the Their Game Initiative & let leagues decide whether they want to be part of the initiative & when they would like to hold the event during the league calendar, as many leagues found that the selected dates were not suitable. 

We are pleased to confirm the following leagues have registered to take part in the Their Game initiative this season:
Bournemouth Youth FL
Eastleigh & District Mini Soccer League
New Forest & District Youth FL
North East Hants Youth FL
Peter Houseman Youth FL
Southampton & District Tyro Sunday Youth FL
Testway Youth FL 

Don’t forget to download the resource pack and share them with your contacts and members HERE 

We will also be releasing soon some coaching plans that can be used to obtain feedback from players linked to this programme. 

Anything relating to Their Game, please contact Charlotte Brown on 01256 853017 or EMAIL


Quote from Southampton & District Tyro Sunday Youth FL 

'This season, the League are taking a robust and proactive approach to the Respect initiative within Grassroots Youth Football. We firmly believe in the Respect Ethos and our aim is to ensure all of the teams and clubs within the League work with us, and each other, in stamping out unacceptable behaviour. The 'Their Game' initiative provides an opportunity for players to play in an environment with minimal verbal contact and in an environment where there is less pressure. It is a positive learning opportunity for the children, coaches and spectators and the feedback at our Respect Awards Evening was that they find it a beneficial and enjoyable experience. It is a very good reminder to all that the game belongs to the children, it really is their game.'