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FA Disability Cup Finals

The FA
The FA Disability Cup Finals are returning to St Georges Park this year, including one of Hampshire's very own teams - Portsmouth Amputee FC!

What is the FA Disability cup? 

The FA Disability Cup is entering into its fourth year and is the largest competition of its kind in the country, ensuring that players within impairment-specific football have a national FA competition to call their own, complete with dreams of reaching the finals weekend.

The FA Disability Cup will return to St George’s Park on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019 and there are five cup finals scheduled to take place across the weekend delivered in partnership with a range of impairment-specific organisations. 

Specifically, The FA will be hosting the:

  •  Amputee cup final in partnership with England Amputee Football Association,
  • Blind cup final in partnership with the National Blind Football League
  • Cerebral Palsy cup final in partnership with CP Sport
  • Partially Sighted cup final in partnership with the National Partially Sighted Football League
  • Powerchair cup final in partnership with the Wheelchair Football Association. 


This year’s event will also play host to the exhibition of a new format of 2v2 blind football which we are developing as a beginner friendly-format of the standard 5v5 format currently adopted within blind football.

It is our ambition that The FA Disability Cup Finals weekend will become a key date in the football calendar, with St. George’s Park providing a world-class backdrop for the culmination of each partner competition’s cup final.

disability cup finals 2019

Saturday 15 June

11.00   Powerchair Cup Final

Aspire (Hertfordshire CFA) v Northern Thunder (Northumberland CFA)


13.00   Cerebral Palsy Cup Final

CP North West (Manchester CFA) v North East & Yorkshire Disability (North Riding)


15.15   Partially Sighted Cup Final

North West Scorpions (Lancashire CFA) v Birmingham Futsal (Birmingham)


Sunday 16 June

10.30   Amputee Cup Final

Everton Amputee FC (Liverpool CFA) v Portsmouth Amputee FC (Hampshire CFA)


12.30   Blind 2v2 Exhibition


14.30   Blind Cup Final        

Merseyside Blind FC (Liverpool FA) v Sporting Club Albion (Birmingham FA)