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Walking Football Club of the Year 2018-19

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Read about this years winners of Walking Football Club of the Year - Tadley Statin Strollers!

Hampshire FA Grassroots Awards

Walking Football Club of the Year 2018/19

The 2018/19 season has displayed an amazing amount of development across our walking football community in Hampshire.

The Hampshire Grassroots awards looks to highlight the great work our clubs have achieved across the season and reward them for their hard work and effort in contributing to this ever growing format of the game.

The purpose of this award isn’t just to recognise the bigger clubs in our county but to also include those smaller clubs that have evolved and progressed.

Nominations for this prestigious award gave us a greater insight into tremendous work of our clubs and further details on how they have developed.

Charity events and fundraisers are some of the important initiatives that our clubs are hosting throughout the season with thousands of pounds raised for specific causes and charities.

These events bring the community together not only to celebrate the game they love, but For All of those who are no longer with us, who loved the game also.

The Many Shades of Grey (Havant & Waterlooville) have always been key contributors to the walking football community in Hampshire raising over £2000 for selected charities and successfully registering 3 Mars Just Play Centres this season. Hosting a range of tournaments across the year is one of H&W expertise; these are so well delivered they even welcome clubs from outside of the county. Among other contributions The Many Shades of Grey continually strive to provide countless opportunities for individuals within the club as well as out of it.

Tadley Statin Strollers are newly nominated this year from several sources. Established a few years ago, this club has progressed leaps and bounds in the last season. Also raising over £2000 for their selected charity, TSS hosted a range of events throughout the season and really challenged themselves to make an impact. Newspaper appearances for TSS prove that their work has not gone unnoticed. Having been forced out of their previous venue due to closure, TSS have successfully secured a new home at recently opened  3G pitch, The Vyne. It is at this venue where TSS delivers their Mars Just Play Centre, accommodating males & females from 50-90 years old.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce Tadley Statin Strollers as the Hampshire FA Grassroots Walking Football Club of the Year 2018/19.

We feel TSS have greatly developed as a club this season and have challenged themselves to deliver and contribute above and beyond their previous work.

We would like to offer an honourable mention The Many Shades of Grey for their incredible contribution to the game this season, as well as the other nominees; Portsmouth in the Community and Eastleigh Football Club.

Jake Ashton – Assistant Football Development Officer