EXTRA TIME: The FA Matchday App 2018-19

The FA
Matchday is the complete grassroots football organiser app for managers, players, and parents.

Matchday is the complete grassroots football organiser app that that will save managers, players and parents of player’s time every week organising their matches.


Whether its managers sorting their tactics ahead of the upcoming game because they know who’s available for the game on Saturday, to a parent knowing all the match details so they are on time with their child on game day, the app saves everyone time to put into the game they love.


The app launched in July ahead of the season and in order to preserve the best first product experience, we have waited for as many leagues, clubs and teams to be Matchday ready before we start to communicate this far and wide. Now we have a significant amount of teams, managers and players ready it’s time to save grassroots football time.


The app has officially launched this December and will run throughout the rest of the 2018/2019 season! To download the app, please visit:


Google Play Store

IOS App Store