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Hampshire FA Hosting Silent Weekend this October

Hampshire FA
Hampshire FA will once again be hosting another Silent Weekend which will see participating clubs and leagues implementing the initiative. 

This is the fourth year of hosting Silent Weekend fixtures and Hampshire FA together with the Youth & Mini Soccer committee are encouraging clubs and leagues to participate.  

Youth & Mini-Soccer fixtures taking place on Saturday 6th & Saturday 7th October 2018 will involve coaches and spectators remaining silent throughout games to raise awareness of the need to create a positive and pressure-free environment in which children can enjoy football and learn to love and develop in the game. 

We hope with your support you will encourage all to take part and spread awareness of this fantastic initiative.

If your league wishes to support the Silent Weekend, please sign up here: League

If your league has not signed up but you wish to independently support the initiative, you can sign your club up here: Club

Anything relating to the Silent Weekend, please contact Charlotte Brown on 01256 853017 or

Don't forget to download all the resources below and share them with your contacts and members!

We are pleased to confirm the following clubs and leagues have registered to take part in the Silent Weekend initiative this weekend:


Eastleigh & District Mini Soccer League
North East Hants Youth FL
Portsmouth Youth FL
Southampton & District Tyro Sunday Youth FL
Testway Youth FL

Winsor United Youth
Worting Youth FC
Hayling United Youth FC
Southside AFC Youth
Hamble United Youth FC


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