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Accepted non-FA Medical Courses - Change FAQs

During 2016/17 and 2017/2018 season a review was undertaken across all Medical Training provision. One critical outcome from the findings was the need for football specific training to be included into courses, with an emphasis on saving a life and limb in football.

This football specific aspect of medical training is not covered through generic First Aid Courses, which The FA currently accept for renewal. Therefore a new and revised list of equivalent courses and prior learning for occupational professionals has been created. This change impacts the range of non-FA First Aid Medical qualifications The FA accept as accredited prior learning when coaches undertake their FA Level 1 Introduction First Aid in Football (IFAiF) renewal after 3 years. 

The change impacts candidates during their recertification after 3 years across both the FA Level 1 Introduction to First Aid in Football (IFAiF) and the FA Level 2 Emergency Aid in Football (EFAiF).

All coaches must initially attend The FA courses as part of their FA coach training. Any exemptions apply on renewals only.

In addition all exemptions must be supported by evidence of completing the online FA modules for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion.

Please find below accepted non-FA Medical Courses FAQs.