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Hampshire FA Affiliation Window NOW OPEN

Cellyn Crook
It is now the time of year for clubs to start the Affiliation Process for the 2018/19 season to Hampshire FA.

How to set up a club and affiliate

Our Media Partners at The Animus Workshop have put together all the steps on how to set up a club and affiliate with information provided by Hampshire FA. If you're a new club, we advise taking a look at the video first. 

Set up a club

Similar to last season, the process will all be completed online via the Whole Game System and your clubs portal.

Please click here if you have forgotten your password.

Once you have logged into the portal, you will need to click on the “Club Secretary” tab at the top of the screen. You will then have the option on the left hand side to click on “Affiliation 2018-2019” which will then enable you to affiliate for next season and start the 8 stage process.

Please note that if you would like to add a “New Club Official” to your club, please email Cellyn Crook with Name, Address, DOB and FA Number (if known) and what role they hold within the club (E.g. Chairman, Coach, Treasurer).  Please note that if it is a coach, we will need the team information that they are associated with and we will update the system accordingly.

Once you have completed stage 7, your affiliation will be submitted to the County FA for approval, which we hope will be issued within 24 hours, before being able to pay for your affiliation for 2018-2019 online. Please email Cellyn Crook once you have reached stage 7 and you’re application has been sent to Hampshire FA for approval. Once the invoice has been raised on the portal and paid, you will then receive your affiliation number for next season, which will be confirmed through the Online Portal.

The deadline to complete your Affiliation is the 1st June 2018 as per Hampshire FA Membership Rules (12 vii.). Please note that there is a £60 late affiliation fee if completed beyond that date unless previously agreed with the affiliations department.

This is not what we want. If you are unsure of the club re-affiliating for the 18-19 season, please make me aware early so we can provide any assistance. We also recommend that the club submits their affiliation application, even if you’re unsure that the club will remain, as we can always refund any affiliation fee’s that may be paid if the club folds before the beginning of the season (Excluding Personal Accident & Public liability Insurance taken out through Bluefin). 

To ensure a smooth affiliation process:

Please renew any coaches CRC’s who may be expiring over the coming three – four months, between April and August, CRC’s can take up to 90 days to process due to the sheer volume of applications received between those months. By renewing early this will save time and ensure the club is ready to affiliate come April/ May time.

Please ensure all Treasurers  & New committee members have completed their online safeguarding commitment. Treasurers will need to have these complete as well as all new members for the 18-19 season. This can be checked on the WGS, if incomplete it will say ‘NO SCM’ next to their qualifications. If you need information on how to complete this, please click here. You will then need to scroll down and download the ‘Safeguarding for committee member’s guidance’.