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Their Game involves coaches and spectators having minimal verbal contact throughout games, to raise awareness of the need to create a positive and pressure-free environment in which children can enjoy football and learn to love and develop in the game.

We hope you will support the programme by encouraging clubs to take part and spread awareness of this fantastic initiative. Every year we look to alter the initiative from previous years based on the feedback received.


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Their Game Feedback

Thank you to everyone across our participating leagues for your co-operation across the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd October 2021 for our most recent Their Game weekend.

Having collected feedback from players, parents/guardians, coaches and match officials, the following reports have been produced.

Download the feedback reports here:

Their Game Feedback Report (University of Winchester)

 Their Game Report - Future Recommendations for Coaches, Parents & Spectators

Their Game Feedback Report - Players


Participating Leagues:

Bournemouth Youth FL

Eastleigh & District Mini Soccer League

Isle of Wight Sunday Youth FL

New Forest & District Futsal Youth FL

New Forest & District Youth FL

North East Hants Competitive Youth FL

North East Hants Development Youth FL

Peter Houseman Youth FL

Portsmouth Youth FL

Southampton & District Tyro Sunday Youth FL

Testway Youth FL

Please observe the following Codes of Conduct for matches across the next Their Game weekend.

Download the codes of conduct by clicking the images below.

Their Game - Code of Conduct

Their Game - Code of Conduct

Their Game - Code of Conduct