Growing your club

Growing your club


Don't forget to check out our pages on marketing and sponsorship and the support available to you. 

Football is played for fun by millions across England every week and is reliant on volunteers to deal with club administration. It may be a daunting thought to think about methods to expand and grow your club, but there is lots of help available! 





It's all about making sure we do the best we can for the kids, but within our funding limits. Getting companies involved in the community is a great start .
- Dean Scopes, Chairman of Jubilee 77 Youth FC

Charter Standard

FA Charter Standard status is a clear demonstration to all parents, sponsors and the public, that a club (or league):

  • Is well-organised, safe and offers opportunities for all
  • Has FA-qualified coaches as standard
  • Adheres to FA Respect Policies and Codes of Conduct
  • Prioritises Child Welfare
  • Maintains appropriate levels of discipline
  • Has access to the County FA and FA regional workforces
  • Can use the coveted ‘Three Lions’ FA crest on its marketing and business materials.


Consultations for marketing and sponsorship

Did you know you can arrange a 1-2-1 marketing & communications consultation and even a sponsorship consultation with a Hampshire FA Marketing & Communications representative? The consultations can occur in person or over the phone to make it even more convenient for you. If your club or your league is in need of any assistance, then a consultation might be a helpful start.