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If you have the vision and workforce to make it work, then what is stopping you? 

The grant schemes available aren't right for what you need, you're nervous about being bound to a contract or agreement as in the case of a formal sponsorship, but you still need funding....then fundraising could be the answer.

If you are thinking of fundraising but need the help, guidance, support as well as a starting point, then check out the free guidance on Sport England's Donations & Fundraising page.

If your club needs help in promoting your event , marketing and getting the word out there, then this is where Hampshire FA can also help you. We even offer support on sponsorship, so whether you want your one-off event sponsored to cover the costs and make the money back through your fundraising, we can help you there too and hope you'll reach your target.

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It's all about making sure we do the best we can for the kids, but within our funding limits. Getting companies involved in the community is a great start .
- Dean Scopes, Chairman of Jubilee 77 Youth FC
Case study

fundraising the warsash way

Warsash Wasps put on the largest Bonfire Night Fireworks display in the area, and the biggest 6 a side football tournament, but now much more needed to be done to raise funds for a state of the art 3G pitch. Structurally, the club became a Community Amateur Sports Club to allow it to benefit from Gift Aid. But it was the little things that raised money, the Sponsored penalty competition, the sponsored runs, cycle rides, one squad even entered the round Europe Screwball Rally on behalf of the club, and the Weatherproof Wasps logo was carried around the continent at great speed, by some of the Dads. Quiz Nights, Discos, and any number of other events brought the ever growing total to an enormous £120,000. It remains the largest amount ever raised by a club of its type for this sort of project in the UK.

The important thing with this is to throw it out to the players and members of the club to come up with ideas to raise money, that way they have a stake in the project and its success from very early on. Make sure you keep your fundraising for the project completely separate from the money to run the club on a day to day basis. You may already do events to supplement funding to run the club. If you divert these to the project, do you have enough money to run the club? Obviously having a separate Committee to run the project will help with this separation of funds.


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