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When debts accumulate outside of your club's control it can leave you in a difficult situation. Don't face the hardship alone, Hampshire FA can offer help and guidance. 

Football Debt means any cost incurred by an alleged predator on behalf of an alleged debtor which is:

(i) equal to or larger than 25.00 (save for the recovery of disciplinary fines) and

(ii) arose directly from football activity including, but not limited to, disciplinary fines and costs from matches fees and costs, club subscriptions and playing expenses e.g. pitch hire. For the avoidance of doubt, incidental costs e.g. fundraising activities. In the event of a dispute as to what constitutes a football debt, relevant affiliated association may, in its absolute discretion, determine the matter. 

Disappointingly, club's are often left picking up the bill, when players leave the club without paying their debts. When this happens, club's are then at risk of potentially folding if they owe a substantial amount of money which they are unable to pay back to the county.

Reaching out to club's facing this dilemma, we urge you to get in contact with Hampshire FA at the earliest opportunity to make this known. In some circumstance Hampshire FA are willing to offer clubs Payment Plans to enable you to spread debt re-payments over a longer period of time. Hampshire FA may also be able to broker similar deals with Leagues within the County.

Additionally, we are also able to issue a Sine Die Suspension against the individuals that owe money, providing they meet the regulations for Football Debt Recovery. For details, please contact the Discipline department directly. 

Hampshire FA operate a system to collect debts on behalf of affiliated clubs, affiliated leagues and other Associations. Please note we are on hand to help you at Hampshire FA.

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