England Football Accredited

England Football Accreditation

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Football leagues and clubs accredited by The FA have positively changed the football landscape over the last 20 years. They create the ideal environments to nurture players, coaches and volunteers. The result is greater diversity and inclusivity through football. England Football Accredited replaces The FA Charter Standard and is the next chapter in this amazing story as we unite even more communities by supporting Leagues and Clubs over the next ten years.


England Football Accredited is for all non-professional leagues and clubs. It helps them create the experiences and environments where players, coaches and volunteers can thrive. Accredited clubs are more sustainable, more resilient and built to last.


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player pathway & star level faqS

Q. We are currently a 2/3 star club and are not meeting the player pathway’s criteria, will our star rating change?

A. No, we will not be changing star ratings this season in order to give clubs the chance to meet their current star rating criteria. The only time a clubs star rating will change this season is if they are meeting the criteria for the next star level (e.g. 1 star club meeting 2 star criteria).

Q. When will star ratings be changed?

A. Star ratings will be changed from next seasons England Football Accredited renewal window.

Q. Our player pathway’s tab is flagging and stopping us from renewing our Accreditation, how do I solve this?

A. Click the ‘Show More’ dropdown on your player pathways tab and use the ‘Provide Information’ box. In this box, please include any relevant information on your player pathways. Essentially you will need to answer the following question:

Are you actively looking to meet your current star rating requirements by next season, or are you happy to be recognised as a different star rating from next season?

Q. How do I know what a complete player pathway looks like?

A. On the player pathways tab, scroll down and click the ‘Show’ button next to ‘Your Player Pathways’. This will then allow you to use the drop down for each pathway (click ‘Show More’) and provide you with a diagram of what is required whilst also ticking the teams that you already have.

Q. What are the player pathway requirements for each star rating?

You can find these on the player pathway tab on the club portal, but they are also listed below:

1 star

Minimum of one team playing in an FA sanctioned

2 star

One complete player pathway

One team from a different player pathway

3 star

Two complete player pathways

One team from a different payer pathway 


Q. What are the youth team coaching requirements?

A. Each youth team within an England Football Accredited club needs to have at least one coach/manager that has the following qualifications:

- Introduction to First Aid in Football (IFAIF)

- Safeguarding Children Course

- Introduction to Coaching Football

Q.  One of my teams will be folding at the end of the season and is flagging on the club portal, but the coach doesn’t want to renew/gain the relevant qualifications as they will not be continuing. How do we proceed?

A. We understand that coaches may not want to renew/gain some qualifications if they will not be continuing coaching, however you will need to ensure that a manager/coach with at least all of the following qualifications (at a minimum) is present at training and matchdays and attached to that team on the club portal until the end of the season:

 - In date FA FBS

 - Safeguarding Children Course

 - Introduction to First Aid in Football

Q.  We are currently in the process of ensuring the relevant coaches complete the Introduction to Coaching Football (I2CF) Course, but the next available course is beyond the England Football Accredited renewal deadline. Will this be an issue?

A. No, as long as you have ticked the declaration on your clubs dashboard this will not be an issue.

Q. Between X amount of coaches, they have the Introduction to Coaching Football, Safeguarding Children and Introduction to First Aid in Football, but the team is still flagging. Why is this? 

A. This is because at least one of the coaches/managers needs to have all of those qualifications, otherwise this will still flag on your dashboard. 



Our Football Delivery team hosted an informational webinar on the renewal process for clubs, the deadline of which is coming up at the end of April 2023. Watch back the recording below.

Raising Stars of the Future

All accredited clubs offer a consistent standard on and off the pitch. Stars are used in accreditation to recognise clubs that provide more opportunities for more people to play.
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England Football Accredited

Want to know more? 

For more information on any of the above contact Max.Humphreys@HampshireFA.com.

Check your accreditation dashboard on the Club Portal
Each season, between 1st November and 30th April, our accredited clubs will need to complete their renewal. This is completed within the dashboard section of the club portal.
Until the 30th April 2023.
Clubs can apply to be accredited through the dashboard section of the Club Portal. There are a number of on-pitch (e.g. coaching qualifications) and off-pitch (e.g. club policies and plans) criteria that clubs need to meet before they can apply. Within the dashboard, you will be able to see your progress against each of these criteria, and any actions that need to be completed.
England Football Accreditation is for all non-professional leagues and clubs. For clubs, this is those that have teams playing within grassroots, the National League System steps 1-6 or the Women’s pyramid Tier 3 and below.