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Support available for struggling clubs

Hampshire FA is committed to supporting all 11-a-side teams within its leagues. The EWS allows us to this more effectively.

We know that traditional adult male football has seen a decline in recent years, we are committed to arresting this decline and offering tailored support to clubs. Leagues are best placed to see negative trends forming with struggling teams and the sooner they make us aware of these, the more chance we have of helping clubs at risk of folding. Support is available for all clubs no matter the size or scope of the but the longer the delay the greater the risk. 

Warning signs that might indicate that a team is struggling and at risk of folding:

  • Repeated cancellation of fixtures
  • Lack of contact/response with the league/CFA
  • Poor maintenance of an owned home ground
  • Excessive number of administration fines
  • Poor disciplinary record
  • Suspension of team or individuals resulting from the late payment of fines
  • Poor organisation on match days
  • Late kick-offs
  • Host pub/business closing down
  • Loss of a playing venue
  • Resignation/retirement of key volunteers
  • Large numbers of registered players but struggling to field teams
  • Large, successive defeats

Often, those best placed to detect these warning signs are the leagues in which the teams operate. Hampshire FA has recently revamped the EWS and relaunched to all adult male leagues across the county. The Early Warning System is designed to understand if and when teams are struggling against each of the headings above. Due to feedback from leagues, this process has been moved to an online Microsoft Form which can be regularly sent out to leagues on a monthly basis. Regular communication between leagues and Hampshire FA is crucial in this battle to support struggling clubs. It is vital that league committees take time to consult with relevant members and complete the form with the information requested. Part of the reason for moving this to an online process on a monthly basis is so that the EWS can be a regular league committee meeting agenda item. The sooner we are made aware of teams in trouble the better chance we have of providing support to keep them going.

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