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Adhering to the rules and regulations as set by The FA 

Structure, Process & Guidelines.

Implementing and adhering to The FA's rules and regulations for a safe and fair game.

Hampshire FA is responsible for maintaining discipline at the grassroots level of the game and abides by the procedures implemented by The FA.

It is our duty to ensure that football played in this county is done so in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment, upholding the values as set by The FA's Respect programme. We ask that all members, in every capacity of the game act appropriately and in accordance with these values. If you or anyone else is witness to behaviour that does not lead by example and is harmful and/or detrimental, please contact the Discipline team.

Get In Touch

By Phone: 01256 853000
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

By Email: Discipline@HampshireFA.com

If you are contacting us to report details of an incident, please complete our Witness Form here and email your completed form to the discipline email above.

Reporting discrimination

Discipline FAQS

Please contact the Discipline team and provide the player's details together with the FAN's (if you know them) and they will merge the records. If you don't have the FAN's please provide as much detail on the player (address, contact number) to help us locate the records. 

Please note that the following details apply for fines:

Payment is required within 7 days for red cards.
Payment is required within 14 days for a caution on date of invoice.

Please note that invoices are raised on Thursdays and may therefore not correspond with the due date. For more information, please contact the Discipline team

Hampshire FA deliver Education Workshops free of charge for clubs and all of their associated members. Please note that the workshops are delivered in the evening from 7pm onwards for a duration of 1-1.5 hours. Clubs looking to hold an Education workshop must be able to provide an indoor venue (equipped with tables, chairs). It is preferable although not essential to have a TV screen or projector and screen for the presentation. If clubs do not have this equipment, Hampshire FA will provide it on the day together with all materials required. 

Please contact the Discipline Team with your interest to hold an Education Workshop and please provide a minimum of 2 dates. The team will then be in touch to confirm arrangements.