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Respect. without it the game is not beautiful...

Find out more about The FA's Respect Programme here. 

Why we lead on Respect

Football is For ALL and should be enjoyed in a safe, fun and inclusive environment, where you and I can play our part.

Respect is an important value in life, not just football. Leading with Respect is important to our County FA and we want to ensure that the match day environments played here are memorable for the right reasons. It’s all about creating the best possible football experiences.

Across our county there are so many people who champion the behaviours of Respect (for example fairness, integrity, inclusion and leadership) and can demonstrate how they have worked to make these behaviours a part of the game in their communities. We would like to unite the game in our county, by everyone championing Respect and coming together to positively impact one more or even many more. 

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Do you know a club, league or individual that is flying the flag high for Respect? Is it time they should be commended for their efforts with a mention here? If they are setting a leading example for all, then please do inform us. It is everyone's duty to adhere to and uphold the values of The FA's Respect programme so that we can continue to make our game, the beautiful game. Share your stories and praises with us by contacting, Melanie Gill



The Respect programme was launched at the start of the 2008/09 season. Its original objectives were; 

To recruit and retain enough referees for the demands of the game at every level.
To reduce the number of assaults on referees
To achieve an improvement in on- field player discipline particularly in the area of dissent to referees
To manage a step change in youth football as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour from parents and spectators.

Please click here for parents & spectators online guide.


Implement The FA Codes of Conduct and promote The FA Codes of Conduct where possible (clubhouses, match day programmes, upload to the website, circulate to members in the club and/or even handouts for parents, social media promotions etc). A club can also purchase Respect branded merchandise such as Touchline Barriers as visual reminders of The FA Respect Programme. Additionally, there are Respect barriers available to purchase which has also been used by the county FA at every match, event and cup final. This is available via sportzhub, click here to view products.

Grants to offset costs are still available through the current Football Foundation respect equipment scheme.

Pitch side Marshalls and Respect briefings for coaches and parents is also encouraged - raise awareness with your own club workforce. For more information, please contact the Hampshire FA Safeguarding Team,

A club can also host a Respect Education Workshop for your club's workforce, parents and spectators. This presentation includes education on respect, discipline, laws of the game, social media and equality and diversity. The presentations are delivered free of charge by Hampshire FA's Safeguarding Team, please email

Within your club you will have a Welfare officer, you can gain his or her details from your club secretary (if you’re not aware who this is). Please speak to them ASAP after the incident and they will be able to action the next steps, depending on the seriousness of the incident.

Someone who promotes all the behaviours (for example fairness, integrity, inclusion and leadership). This could be someone within a club or league and is not a formal role. Why not have more than one!

Yes, there is a Respect equipment scheme which the FA delivers in partnership with the Football Foundation. You can visit by clicking here.

Your County FA would love to hear some positive work being carried out for Respect. If your County FA is on social media, simply use their handle and engage using #ForRespect. Share your message and a picture. Please note, if you are taking pictures of children and using for social media, consent will need to be given by the child’s parent/guardian/carer. If you have a story you would like to publish at all to showcase god practice, contact the marcomms team who will get this up on the website and promoted on social media. 

Please contact the Hampshire FA Safeguarding Team ( They would be happy to hear your ideas and can provide you with some constructive feedback.

Everyone is responsible and should play their part in creating safe, fun and inclusive environments. No matter what your role is, let’s work together to unite the game.

Yes, absolutely. County FAs are happy to work with individuals/groups that wish to champion Respect. Please contact the Hampshire FA Safeguarding Team

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