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Discrimination Reports

July 2022 - June 2023

Hampshire FA Discrimination report 2022-23

To promote accountability and transparency, Hampshire FA will publish bi-annual reports on the impact that discriminatory abuse is having on the grassroots community within the County. 

At Hampshire FA, we are committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and fostering a positive environment across the grassroots game. As part of our efforts to be transparent and accountable, we have initiated a new report which outlines the incidents of discriminatory abuse that have occurred within the Hampshire football community for a given period. 

The aim of the bi-annual Discriminatory Abuse report is to provide a more comprehensive overview of discriminatory incidents that have been reported within our county. Overtime, we hope to compile more data through subsequent reports – this will allow us to monitor trends and identify areas that require attention. By publishing this information, we hope to:

  • Raise awareness of what discrimination is, the impact within the grassroots game, and how our discipline processes work.
  • Foster open conversations about discrimination, encouraging empathy and promoting an inclusive culture that stands against all forms of discrimination.
  • Gain a better understanding of how discriminatory abuse is evolving within Hampshire and assess whether our reporting systems are efficient.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to being transparent and accountable for our community

In addition to Hampshire FA’s bi-annual reports, we encourage you to consult Kick It Out’s Annual report into incidents on discrimination across the professional and grassroots game. You can download their latest report at the below link

Kick It Out 2022/23 Report 

For any questions relating to the reports, please contact:

Alienor Chartier 
Community Engagement & Inclusion Officer