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Anti-Discrimination Textline

Immediate support with discrimination incidents

Hampshire FA now operates a textline service at all of our hub sites (Stoneham Lane Football Complex, Front Lawn Community Hub & Winklebury Football Complex).

This service enables victims and witnesses of discrimination incidents to register the incident with Hampshire FA via text message so that we can provide immediate support.

When you register an incident you will have two options:

  • Access on-the-ground support 'there and then' with a trained member of staff at the facility. Our staff have been trained to prioritise victim welfare and ensure that all of the required details are recorded to assist in the formal reporting process should you wish to take the issue further.
  • Alternatively, you can simply choose to await follow up support in the coming days and a trained member of staff will get in touch to help register more details and ensure you have the support you need formally report the incident to The FA and local authorities should you wish.

Hampshire FA encourages everyone who sees or hears discrimination to report it so that positive action can be taken to make football a more inclusive environment for everyone. This textline is one way in which we're supporting you to do this.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or queries regarding this service, please contact Chris Smith (Football Development Manager):

01604 345024



How to Use This Service

When at one of the participating sites, if you see or hear an incident of discrimination, text the 'facility code' (see below) to 82228

You will then receive further advice/instruction.


Facility Codes:

Stoneham Lane Football Complex



Winklebury Football Complex



Front Lawn Community Hub


All participating sites will have their facility code clearly advertised in signage similar to the below around the facility.

Hampshire FA Anti-Discrimination Textline Advertising Board

After-Incident Support

The FA provides a support scheme for victims of discriminatory abuse following an incident.

This offering, which will be delivered by Sporting Chance, offers mental health and emotional well-being services to those involved in football. Sporting Chance operate through the use of a national network of therapists, counsellors, and psychiatrists. The preferred method of service delivery for those seeking is face-to-face meetings/counselling, located within 45-minutes travel of where those accessing the support live. However, in cases where this is not possible, the support can be delivered via virtual platforms.

When providing support specifically for individuals who have been involved with discriminatory abuse, Sporting Chance will ensure that the therapist is experienced and qualified to address this particular issue.

Although there is rarely a one-size fits all approach, the general outline of the process will be as follows:

  • Individuals will have access to between one and six counselling sessions, with extra sessions only considered on an exceptional basis.
  • The sessions will begin with an assessment of how the incident has affected the individual, followed by a confidential and safe talking space with a skilled therapist.
  • The session will then focus on assisting a person in contextualising the incident in the context of their broader life.
  • This will be followed by teaching on self-care.

There will be those who require further support because this specific incident may have triggered past traumas or revealed other therapeutic needs. This process will act as a pathway to such support, but this offering is specifically focussed on addressing the discriminatory abuse and any further support will need to be self-funded.

To access this support, please call 07780 008877 between 9AM and 5PM on a weekday. Alternatively, you can email in both instances, please note that you will need to quote the reference number/code provided to you by the FA.


ALL incidents of discrimination should be reported so that we can take positive action to make football more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

If you see or hear discrimination in football anywhere, you can report this to The FA via their online form HERE

More information about the reporting process and what this involves can be found on our Diversity & Inclusion page.

When you report an incident via this service, you do not have to make a formal report to The FA.

However, we do strongly encourage all cases of discrimination to be reported to The FA. If you're not sure if your issue needs to be taken further, our team can support and advise you on the matter.

Regardless, reporting any discrimination incidents via this service will help Hampshire FA understand the issues in our community and take positive action to improve grassroots football for everyone.

Hampshire FA hold complete control over this service and will provide complete support for all reports that we receive.

We strongly encourage all incidents of discrimination to be formally reported to The FA. They will then collaborate with Hampshire FA and the relevant authorities to deal with the incident. However you do not have to report your incident to The FA if you do not want to.

More information about this separate reporting process to The FA can be found on our Diversity & Inclusion page.

You can contact for specific advice and support following an incident. 

Hampshire FA have strong links with organisations who can provide support, including:

Texts cost your normal standard rate.