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Coffee Ground Storage
Stoneham Lane Football Complex

Used Coffee Grounds Reused as Fertiliser

Used coffee grounds from the coffee machines at Stoneham Lane Football Complex is now stored in containers at the site and reused as fertiliser for the grass pitches. The coffee grounds are rich in nutrients for the soil and include nitrogen, as well as small amounts of potassium, phosphorus and other micronutrients. A cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method that reduces our waste year on year.

Havant Food Hub


Hampshire FA achieved Bronze for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme or Initiative at the 2022 Football Business Awards, making it the first ever county FA to achieve an award at the national awards ceremony. The award was achieved from the partnership established with the Havant & East Hants Mind charity.


A CSR snapshot of everything we're doing..

  • External Recycling Bins are in place at all Hampshire FA facilities.
  • Automatic Motion lights have been installed at all Hampshire FA facilities.
  • LED Floodlights have been installed at Front Lawn and Winklebury which reduces carbon footprint/energy use by 50-60% compared to Metal Halide. Stoneham are currently working with Eastleigh Borough Council and other funders to change all floodlights at Stoneham to LED.
  • We are working with Bettavend to move to fully recycled products
  • We have conducted a pilot project with Tickbox of introducing reusable flasks with an incentive attached for all members (20p reduction in hot drink price if using a reusable flask/cup).
  • Stoneham are currently working with Eastleigh Borough Council and other funders to get a borehole installed to support water irrigation to grass pitches, this will reduce/minus out mains water use.
  • We have introduced water fountains (Eden) for staff use to minimise drinking water bottles, and to encourage staff to bring in their own water canisters to drink from.
  • Winklebury currently has solar panels to support energy requirements at the facility
  • Facilities are moving towards electric grounds kit. Stoneham and Winklebury currently use battery leaf blowers, and will soon be moving to battery strimmers, this will progress to bigger kit/machinery in time, allowing us to reduce our carbon foot print and use of fuels such as diesel and unleaded petrol.
  • Football Boot Bins have been installed across all sites to allow participants to take a free pair, reuse or exchange footwear for their sessions and training
  • Winklebury Football Complex sponsored by Topodium Group are currently trialling a paperless QR maintenance log system for checks. This will be rolled out to all facilities if the pilot is successful.
  • We are actively exploring the Cycle to Work Scheme to promote cycling and planning safe routes to our facilities.
  • Facility staff have attended 'Kick Plastic Out Of Sport' sessions to increase awareness around reducing plastic use at the facilities, and believe a photo shoot with a collection of plastic bottles used over a weekend in one big pile would give out a statement that something needs to be done, will work on when and how to do this.
  • Partnership established with Award Winning Product Social Enterprise Hey Girls providing reusable period products across all sites for staff and the Hampshire FA Academy
  • Refugee football sessions hosted and delivered at Winklebury Football Complex in partnership with Care4Calais charity. 22+ participants attend weekly football sessions, with free footwear given, food and water for the participants.
  • Our cleaning providers and partners, Elanse Cleaning, use 100% biodegradable materials across all of Hampshire FA's facilities. Additionally, water based disinfectants and white vinegar is used for cleaning, reducing exposure to toxins and improving air quality. No spray bottles or cans are used and all materials are recyclable and reusable. Cleaning products are also purchased in bulk to avoid additional deliveries, lessening our carbon footprint.    

  • Our official Line Marking Partners at Fleet Line Markers make all of their paints using solar power at their factory in Malvern. Paints are also stored in reusable containers and/or boxes and refilled when required. Fleet Line Markers are members of GRASS, the grounds resources and sustainability solutions group, emphasising their commitment to the environment.

  • All tea and syrups are Fairtrade across all of Hampshire FA's facilities. The new self-serve vending machine at Stoneham Lane Football Complex has recyclable cups instead of disposable cups. Additionally, the coffee supplied is ethically sourced and is the award-winning Caffe Praego (Corporate Social Responsibility award winners 2021). All coffee supplied by our partners and suppliers at Bettavend has the Rainforest Alliance certification.

  • All three facilities supply Fairtrade juice.


Front Lawn community hub

Toy Exchange

Front Lawn Community Hub is expanding its CSR work by holding a drop-in Toy Exchange on Thursday 17th November from 9am – 5pm in the Technical Suite at the Front Lawn Community Hub. The Toy Exchange is free to attend and open to all members of the public. The aim is to reduce plastic waste, by helping families save money (via the toy exchange) or simply to donate any unwanted toys and books as a gesture of goodwill to help other families and charities in need.

Toy Exchange
CSR Project


Hampshire FA has officially partnered with Planet League to roll out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days for staff and to encourage clubs in the county, to also up their game and score for the planet.

Football Boots
Thank you to the CSR team at Hampshire FA for organising, coaching & providing boots. The guys all had a great time and left looking happy, chatty & full of life. The smiles on their faces said it all really. They were of course thrilled to go away with a pair of boots each too, courtesy of Utilita. They were all hugely appreciative and I personally found it quite emotional to see them having such a good experience - thank you all for all the effort that went into making it so successful
- Alix Taylor, Care4Calais Volunteer commenting on the refugee football sessions delivered by the Hampshire FA CSR team.