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Flexi-Football will provide recreational leagues on rotation for Women's and Men's competition, as well as monthly Turn Up and Play sessions for Mixed Youth aged between 15* and 18 years old, Girls only between 14 and 16 years old and Vets' Turn up and Play for males aged 35 and over.

The beauty of the flexible format means that match-days can be tailored to suit the needs of the participators. Team sizes, and match duration's can all be flexible depending on the number of players teams have available. All teams have to do is turn up, pay and play with all games refereed by a qualified referee.

The vision of Flexi-Football is to:

  • Offer a non-traditional format of the beautiful game
  • Provide additional competition for existing and new players in a fun and friendly environment
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to develop football skills and increase fitness levels
  • To help signpost players wishing to play more football into traditional teams

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I have played in the Basingstoke Midweek League for the last couple of seasons and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The league itself is very well organised with good facilities at the Winklebury Football Complex. I would highly recommend any local business to get in touch
- Ben Lee, BPS United, Workplaces League

The Midweek Floodlit League concept is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way for players to access affiliated 11-a-side competitive football. Matches are played on a midweek evening between 7pm and 10pm, costs are kept to a minimum, and the leagues operate on a fairly flexible basis to best accommodate the needs of the teams involved.

Some of the benefits are described below: - Midweek football leagues offer players the opportunity to stay involved in football alongside other work, family, social or leisure commitments. Players experiencing these sorts of time pressures may otherwise feel they have no choice but to drop out of football completely.

  • Continuing to experience regular football on a more flexible basis, and continuing to make contacts in a football environment, makes the transition back into playing regular football at a club level much easier.

  • Midweek leagues do not exclude the student population. Students have the opportunity to form their own teams or join existing teams in their local community, experiencing a similar level of football as they would at weekends without facing issues of players not being around at weekends or outside of term time.

  • We are seeing a decrease in the number of clubs, but an increase in player registrations at these clubs.

  • The Midweek League provides competitive development opportunities for fringe players or those coming back from injury.

  • Clubs facing issues of a lack of players may find that entry into a midweek league, as opposed to dissolving, could increase opportunities for player recruitment and retention.

  • This format of football competition has full support from the FA in the form of a branded and recognised package called FA Elevens.

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