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UEFA B Bridge Series

The UEFA B Bridge Series has been developed to support coaches in consolidating their learning from the FA Level 2 course and/or to get an insight into the UEFA B course. We recap and delve deeper into FA level 2 content and begin to bridge the gap into transferring this knowledge into the 11v11 game and its impact on team performance and development. We will cover topics such as the link between training-to-match days and performance analysis. We look forward to supporting you in our coach development.


We are currently working on our CPD programme for the upcoming season, any new events will be added below.

Since 2017 we have increased the number of UEFA B courses running throughout the Country and as a result the course has become more forward facing and popular. We are very conscious that people are keen to get onto the courses but we are conscious of ensuring that it is an appropriate moment in their coaching journey. So this series will hopefully keep coaches engaged in coach development and support their development to ensure we help them progress onto the UEFA B course in the future. I am fully of the belief that we can support everyone and support them in their aspirations and hopefully this bridge series can be the vehicle for this. As a result we have some really exciting events for the coming 2018/19 season in partnership with Southampton FC, University of Portsmouth and Me!
- Mike Antrobus - Hampshire FA County Coach Developer REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE