Young Referees

Richard Honey gives you an overview of your Referee Youth Council, looks at how you can become the next star and improve your refereeing while you are at it!

Referee Youth Council Background

The full background story of the Hampshire FA Referee Youth Council can be found through the following link: Youth Council.

We are looking for young referees to come forward with any ideas they may have about how we can help others. These may come from something you think is done well in your area or maybe something you think could be done better.

Ask yourself:
 “if I could improve one thing about the refereeing experience it would be.................” and let us know your answer!

If you have any ideas on how we can support and progress youth referees in your area please contact your local area representative or County Youth Referee Coordinator, Richard Honey:

The members of the RYC are as follows:

 Chairperson Ffion Eade (Southampton)

 Vice Chairperson Michael Chard (Isle of Wight)

 Secretary Declan Hellyer (Portsmouth)


 Marcomms Officer Tom Baines (Bournemouth)
 Development Group (DG) Manager Nic Hucker (Aldershot)

 (DG) Workforce Alex Mathieson (Alton)

  Chloe-Ann Anderson (Bournemouth)
 Events Manager Nick Whittington (Southampton)
 Events Workforce Callum McFarlane (Portsmouth)

 Youth Council Support Leads Andy Moisey (Hampshire)
  Richard Honey (Aldershot)

Make a star of yourself


With the referees at Hampshire FA Headquarters not being the best looking in the world we want you to send us cool photos of yourself refereeing so that people no longer have to be greeted by our ugly mugs!

If they’re good enough you could end up in our next publication or on the website!

If you have any decent shots email them across.

Thinking of moving into adult football?

Keep us updated if you’re planning on making the next step in your refereeing career and moving up to open-age football.

We’ll give you all the advice you need and make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

We can point you in the right direction of the support in your local area as well as answering any questions you may have!

Young Referee Development

Are you interested in attending one of the Hampshire FA Referee Youth Council's Young Referee Development Events? Please click the link below for more information on the day and to register your place now! All events have been successful so far and lots of Young Referees have attended from across the County.

Young Referee Development Events