It is the responsibility for all referees to ensure that they are registered with their Parent County FA. No person shall be appointed as a match official in any match or competition under the jurisdiction of the association either directly or indirectly unless registered in accordance with Hampshire FA regulations.

Following the success of online referee registration over the past six years, referees will once again be able to register electronically for the 2017/18 through the FA Whole Game System.

To re-register for the 2017/18 season, click here to advance to the FA Whole Game System portal.

Additional support relating to referee re-registration can be accessed via this link.

It is a FA requirement that all referees aged 16 and above who are officiating in 'Youth Football' must have completed an FA Criminal Records Check which is valid and also completed Safeguarding Children;  referees who have not completed this process cannot register until such time as this has been completed, and the Whole Game System will prevent you from registering until it is complete.  Should you require further assistance then send and email to the following email address; in the email please quote your FAN, full name; date of birth to: Andrew.Bailey@HampshireFA.ComA Guidance Leaflet can be found below. 

Registration can be completed either online via Whole Game System; or for those who do not wish to complete the process online, details will be sent via email or by post where appropriate.  However referees should be encouraged to complete this process online.  It is a requirement that all referees should complete their registration before 31st May 2017.  During the process referees will also be asked to complete the Diversity and Equality information.

To access the Whole Game System you will need to know your FA Number (FAN); if you have forgotten your FAN or password please click this link

Changes to personal information:

Match officials are reminded of their responsibility in relation to personal administration; as soon as your personal details change please ensure that these are updated as soon as possible. To make changes to your personal details as a referee (if you have access to the Whole Game System; you can update your records at anytime - please ensure however you inform you Referee Appointments Secretary of any changes).

If you are having issues with the Whole Game System then please send an email to the following email address stating your FAN and name to Andrew.Bailey@HampshireFA.Com informing the County FA of the issues that you are experiencing.

Before contacting the County FA; please ensure that you have looked at the documents section below. By having access to the Whole Game System you can:

  • Amend your personal details.
  • Confirm your registration.
  • Purchase Optional Referee Insurance.  (See Referee Summary below).
  • View or Print off your Invoice/Receipt.
  • Ascertain your Referee Registration Number.  (See below).
  • Complete your misconduct. See Misconduct Reporting

A Referee who has failed to register as a Referee with The Association for between two and five seasons shall not be re-registered until they have successfully undertaken the Referee Course written examination.  The Affiliated Association may then register the Referee at their formal level (up to Senior County Referee) once they are satisfied with his/her competence.  A Referee who has not been registered fro more than five season must attend and successfully complete the Referee Course at which point they will be registered as a Junior County Referee.

As a Referee you may require to know your Registration Number for the 2017-18 season, this can be obtained by referees by logging into the Whole Game System Portal and following the guidance notes found in the documents section below.