Referee Development Team

Leading on from the initial success of the four Delivery Groups the Hampshire FA Referee Development Team (RDT) was created to drive the progression of refereeing in Hampshire from 1st July 2012 onwards.

The Hampshire FA Referee Development Team is made up of members that are driven towards improving all aspects of refereeing. As a result, a structure compromising of 13 areas was agreed. The volunteer coordinators for the current 2016-18 cycle are as follows:

Academy & Girls Centre of Excellence Coordinator

Albert Astbury

Appointments Coordinator

Anthony Cross

Assessor & Promotion Coordinator

Brian Le Breton

Coach/ Mentor Coordinator

Kat Carver

Development Coordinator

Steve Scott

Female & BAME Coordinator

Paula Wyatt

Leagues Coordinator

Jim Stokes

Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator

Nick Taplin 

New Referee Coordinator

Reg Pullen

Projects Coordinator

Brian Channing

Support/Liason Coordinator

Mark James

Youth Referees Coordinator

Richard Honey

Full descriptions of each role can be found at the foot of the page.

The Referee Development Team, which reports directly to the Referees Committee is chaired by the Referee Development Manager, Andy Moisey with Andrew Bailey, Referee Development Officer, acting as Secretary. Also in attendance are the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Referees Committee and the Referees Committee Director.

In addition, two members of the RDT, who are not paid workforce, are elected by members of the RDT to two co-opted positions of the Referees Committee on an annual basis; currently these are Brian Le Breton and Steve Scott. 


Andy Moisey:

Andrew Bailey: