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PLAYON at Hampshire FA

PLAYON was initially a website to sustain adult male football but has since grown into a brand which Hampshire FA uses across all adult male football content. This includes Traditional Football, Recreational Football and Midweek Flexi-leagues. It is also now utilised as part of the support of traditional clubs and leagues! 

This summer, PLAYON is excited to introduce two new Flexi-Leagues to Hampshire!


It works by matching players with teams across the county. For example, if a team is looking for players then they can sign up to attract players. If a player is looking to play, they can sign up and contact the teams who are in need. 

PLAYON is designed to incorporate the entirety of adult male football as a brand. This includes providing traditional clubs with support via the Early Warning System as well as helping grow and sustain Recreational Football within Flexi-leagues. 

The aim of PLAYON is to provide a platform in which adult football can be sustained. This will hopefully be achieved by reducing the number of teams folding by giving teams a source to attract new players; and also for players to get in contact with a team to play football. 

Any adult male football player can sign up to Play On. Any club within Hampshire who is looking for new players can sign up. 

PLAYON is aimed at all adult male individuals of any ability who are looking to play football for a team. It is also aimed at any team across Hampshire ranging across all ability levels.