Recreational Football

The FA recognises that factors such as work or time commitments, concerns over costs and travel, and differing levels of interest in competitive sport mean that different people want to play football at different times, in different formats and for different amounts of time. Hampshire FA is working to ensure that there are opportunities for players to get involved and stay involved in ways that suit them.


The Midweek Floodlit League concept is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way for players to access affiliated 11-a-side competitive football. Matches are played on a midweek evening between 7pm and 10pm, costs are kept to a minimum, and the leagues operate on a fairly flexible basis to best accommodate the needs of the teams involved.

Some of the benefits are described below: 

- Midweek football leagues offer players the opportunity to stay involved in football alongside other work, family, social or leisure commitments. Players experiencing these sorts of time pressures may otherwise feel they have no choice but to drop out of football completely.

- Continuing to experience regular football on a more flexible basis, and continuing to make contacts in a football environment, makes the transition back into playing regular football at a club level much easier.

- Midweek leagues do not exclude the student population. Students have the opportunity to form their own teams or join existing teams in their local community, experiencing a similar level of football as they would at weekends without facing issues of players not being around at weekends or outside of term time. 

- We are seeing a decrease in the number of clubs, but an increase in player registrations at these clubs. The Midweek League provides competitive development opportunities for fringe players or those coming back from injury.

- Clubs facing issues of a lack of players may find that entry into a midweek league, as opposed to dissolving, could increase opportunities for player recruitment and retention.

- This format of football competition has full support from the FA in the form of a branded and recognised package called FA Elevens

Current Midweek Floodlit Leagues:

Southampton Active Nation Midweek Floodlit League (& Summer 11v11 League): Details can be found here.

Portsmouth Midweek Floodlit League (11v11): Open to male teams. For more information contact

Basingstoke Midweek League. (11v11): Open to male teams. For more information contact

A ladies monthly league has been successfully established in the Southampton and Portsmouth area, run and administered by the Southampton Saturday Football League. Matches are arranged on a more flexible basis than the traditional league format, with teams given a 1 month window to agree a day, time and venue for a fixture which is convenient to both teams. For more information contact

Subject to sufficient interest, Hampshire FA also has the capacity to establish monthly 11-a-side leagues for men's and veterans teams. Interested teams are encourages to get in touch.

Hampshire FA works with a number of partners and providers to offer competitive small sided football, futsal and beach soccer leagues across the county. Leagues run on various days of the week and at various times, see the relevant pages for more information:

Small Sided Football


Beach Soccer

If you are an individual player or part of a small group of players looking for opportunities to play football, then your best option is to start of by attending a recreational kickabout.

Kickabouts are held on a weekly or fortnightly basis and usually cost a maximum of £5 per session. It's football in all formats including futsal, beach soccer, soccercise and walking football. There is no long term commitment required, and you can dip in and out of these sessions as you please. The session organiser will provide equipment and organise teams, all you need to do is turn up, have fun and Just Play.

The majority of kickabouts are linked to a competitive league, club or playing opportunity so once you've got a taste for it and would like to get more involved, let your lead organiser know and they'll point you in the right direction.

We offer a range of recreational kickabouts for players aged 14+, some of which are listed below. For up to date information on the times and locations of sessions, please browse the map at the top of the page. For further information, please contact quoting the session(s) which you are interested in.

Southampton Midweek Floodlit Kickabouts

Walking Football Kickabouts and Licensed Clubs

Womens Kickabouts

Workplaces Kickabouts

Soccercise Kickabouts

Recreational Futsal Hubs

Beach Soccer Hub

Community Cohesion Kickabouts

To search for a kickabout near you, click here.

Subject to sufficient demand, we may also be in a position to support new kickabouts for specific groups. Enquiries should be directed to

Walking Football is designed to help the over 50s maintain an active lifestyle, as well as getting those back playing football who had to stop due to injuries. As the name suggests, Walking Football is football at walking pace and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team.

Due to the recent increase in the popularity of the sport, Hampshire FA has developed a Walking Football Club Licensing Scheme to ensure quality and consistent provision across the county. It is intended that this will lead to an affiliated Hampshire FA Walking Football League offering competitive playing opportunities for the over 50s.

For more information about Walking Football please click here

Football in Education

Hampshire FA works with several education providers to offer tailored recreational activity for students within schools, colleges and universities. Details of these sessions can be found on the map at the top of the page. Alternatively, see the Football in Education page for further details of the programmes we offer.