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Marketing & Communications enhances your presence - when you have good marketing and utilise as many means as possible to communicate you have a greater presence, create a better and bigger awareness of who you are and what you do and in doing so increase opportunities for your club, league and all those involved. This section of our website will provide you with useful information on how you can market and publicise your club or league to grow your presence in the county and be sure to sign up to the marketing & pr workshops; each section of the workshop is delivered by a commercial partner that works in the industry. Let the professionals guide your club and league; don't work in isolation when you have this opportunity completely FREE with Hampshire FA.

Marketing & PR Workshops
There are currently no marketing & pr workshops scheduled.

Part 1 : Club websites, marketing do's & don'ts, recruiting for a marketing & communications officer, funding opportunities & fundraising case studies, social media, surveys & data analysis.
Part 2: Sponsorship Opportunities and how to devise a sponsorship package delivered by Sponsor Seeker
Part 3 (pilot tbc): Club apps & integration of app with the county FA delivered by Pappillon Media.

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Sponsorship Consultations

Book your 1-2-1 sponsorship consultation with Hampshire FA's Business Support Officer, Isabella Sakias by emailing: Sponsorship consultations aim to look at the club or league as a whole, picking apart the unique points to develop packages that may lead to successful sponsorships.

Marcomms Meets

This November, Hampshire FA will look to roll out WebEx sessions to include a maximum of 5 people at a time, each providing a key topic of discussion which Hampshire FA's Business Support Officer will then deliver and/or offer advice on. Candidates can either choose to learn about a topic or alternatively find out about the topics provided from the other candidates. Email Isabella for details:

The FA's - Your Game

The FA's Your Game (guidance and support for administrators, parents & volunteers) provides a number of ways you can market your club or league. Click here for the full page of listings or see below for a few sections covered in You Game.

Team Talk

The first step to gaining a bigger profile for your club is ensuring all your members – from officials to players to parents – know who you are and what you do. Once they have the knowledge, then use them as your ambassadors! You can find handy tips and templates to help you communicate better with your members and local partners. More Information. Team Talk 

Promotional Materials

If you’re looking to introduce or improve the way your club looks in print, then we have a few useful templates and advice for you. You may already have posters that have worked well for you in the past but if not, you can find some easy-to-use poster and flyer templates that will help you to promote your club events or even target potential sponsors through a club brochure. More information Promotional Materials 

Community Profile

Build your club’s reputation in its local area by establishing worthwhile partnerships, telling people what your club does and how they can get involved. There are some very simple tips that you can quickly – and cost-effectively – put in place to make a difference straight away. More information  Community Profile  


Ensure your matches, events and fundraisers are well attended and get some organisation tips on running a successful event. We’ll help you decide what is the best way to get the most from these events, as well as providing a simple process to follow. More information Events

Clubs Advertising for Players, Coaches and Volunteers

Utilise key social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to promote your club or league. Make sure the information on these social media sites are 'snippets' of what is already featured on the website to ensure you drive traffic back to your website and in the process, advertise everything that is on offer!

The next thing you may consider doing is putting a short message and your contact details on the Players Noticeboard (if you are looking to recruit players), on the Coaches Noticeboard (if you are looking to recruit coaches) or the Clubs & Leagues Noticeboard (if you are looking to recruit volunteers).

Join IN UK (Legacy project from the London 2012 Olympic Games) allows you to create your own club profile, where you can advertise and publicise vacancies & opportunities in your club. The benefit of utilising Join IN UK? Its a volunteer database, so anyone looking to volunteer in sport will be likely to visit the page and find your profile depending on what is being advertised (marketing & communications, coaching, admin support etc). Click here to find out more about Join IN.

Hampshire FA - Support

With a number of commercial partners offering a variety of products & services at discounted rates, we can support you with the following:

Club Websites

Graphics & Publications





Contact Isabella Sakias for more details: / 01256 853013

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