Football Futures

Football Futures is a rewards programme for young leaders aged 14-24 years. It aims to retain and train leaders through incentives and workshops across 6 themes to increase employability and career prospects.

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- Coaching and Working with teams 
- Promoting the Game
- Running and Developing the Game 
- Refereeing
- Running Events
- RESPECT Ambassadors
We want to ensure that young leaders that commit their time to volunteering in football are rewarded for their effort. So, whether you’re volunteering in your school, college, university or grassroots football we have a rewards programme for you.

Previously Football Futures has been used to identify the most proactive young leaders in the county. These leaders would then be selected to represent Hampshire FA at The FA Leadership Academy (FALA). As of 2016-17 season the FALA will only be accepting applications from members of the Hampshire FA Young Person’s Forum due to a change in priority from The FA. To find out more about the YPF and how you can join please click here.

Over the past 4 seasons 12 young leaders from Hampshire FA’s Football Futures programme have attended St Georges Park for the 4 day FALA camp. Read the accounts of some of our attendees below:
2016 - Kyran 'Chipp' Goverd 
2015 - Jack Darling & Ffion Eade (Officiating) 
2014 – Shannon Sievwright (Coaching) 
2013 – Alice Weaving, Danny Webb & Adam Hewitt (Coaching)


To find out about some of our Football Futures Alumni, and how volunteering has helped them, please click on the name below for their Football Futures profile:

James Froud
Sam Loughlin
Ben Halliday
Sophie Bone
Sarah North
Jamie Wise
Max Kelly

Sign up and submit any volunteer hours accumulated using the following link. Volunteers will be rewarded differently depending on their age and experience.

Football Futures (14-16 years old)  

Any young leaders volunteering in football in any capacity aged 14-16 years old will be sent a certificate for their personal record of achievement as a means of showcasing their commitment to colleges and potential employers.

Football Futures certificates are available in 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 hours and are awarded based on how many hours the young leader has amassed across all 6 Football Futures themes in one football season.

Football Futures (16-18 years old)

Any young leaders that are volunteering in football in any capacity aged 16-18 years old will be sent a free Football Futures branded t-shirt to wear when they’re out volunteering. In order to be eligible for the free t-shirt the young leader must accumulate 50 hours of volunteering across one football season.

They will also be sent a Football Futures certificate after 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 hours of volunteering.

Football Futures (18-24 years old)

Any young leaders that are volunteering in football in any capacity aged 18-24 years old will be given access to bespoke Football Futures CPD workshops that will cater specifically for their area of specialisation based on the 6 Football Futures themes above.


Young leaders will then be invited to support on Hampshire FA projects in their theme of specialisation to allow them the opportunity to develop employability skills. They will also be put in touch with our Young Person’s Forum and invited to support at their events across the county.

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