Equality and Inclusion

Hampshire FA is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout football at every level. Football belongs to, and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate in it.

Following a review of the local Race / Equality Advisory Groups in August 2011, The FA National Game Board communicated an expectation that an Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) should be established in every County FA.

The Hampshire FA IAG assists with guiding HFA in providing services that focus on engaging all its communities, which embed positive interventions to address any gaps in provision, employ effective processes to deal with complaints and demonstrate diverse representation across its structures that reflects the local football population.

As part of a county wide approach to delivering Equality & Inclusion, the IAG has created a whole business Equality Action Plan which can be downloaded below.

The Equality Action Plan is an integral part of Hampshire FA’s current strategic plan.  The Plan supports the existing work and the targets laid out in the “English Football Inclusion and Anti Discrimination Plan”, the FA’s LGBT Action Plan, FA National Game Strategy and the Hampshire FA County Plan.

The Plan’s objective is to
•To promote inclusion, widen diversity in the game and address discrimination in all its forms.
•Set and measure appropriate targets based on the above principle
•Identify and summarize barriers to participation
•Achieve the FA baselines of: 10% for BAME, Disabled and Female Referees, Coaches, and Players.
• Set specific targets to the appropriate individual, department or delivery partner
•Create a means to evaluate the targets

Hampshire FA works closely with Fratton Fever supporting various marketing campaigns with the LGBT group and Portsmouth FC; find out more here.