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#AshleyandLayla – Two little girls, two different stories - both waiting for their forever families

Adopt South is seeking loving and compassionate homes for two special little girls, who sadly cannot live with their birth families. Ashley and Layla* are not related and have been waiting for some time to be adopted.

Although different, both girls have had difficult starts to their lives which have affected their trust and understanding of relationships with adults and need parents with empathy and a caring approach to meet their needs. As the partnership Regional Adoption Agency for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton Local Authorities, Adopt South is now reaching out to the wider community to find two separate forever families for the girls.
Ashley is an affectionate six-year-old girl who enjoys time at the park, playing at school with her friends as well as making crafts and table activities with her foster carers and their grandchildren.

Ashley likes new experiences and will try her best to learn new skills. She needs lots of adult interaction and encouragement, as she can find it difficult at times to concentrate on her own. Sometimes when she gets upset or frustrated, she may act younger than her years as she doesn’t always understand how to control her feelings. Ashley loves to be cuddled and will enjoy a little time watching TV or using her tablet before she gets ready to settle down for bedtime.

Kind and caring, Layla is a very active five-year-old girl who always likes to be busy; her favourite activities include going to the park, riding her scooter, working out puzzles and reading stories. Layla enjoys school, especially sports, and the home corner where she can play with all the dollies. Layla has partial hearing and wears pink sparkly hearing aids in both ears. At times, she needs support so she can concentrate on activities or learning.

Layla is confident and thrives when she has adult attention; she can be great fun and enjoys singing and entertaining people to make them laugh. She likes to make her own choices and to be aware of what is going on around her. She is curious and determined, and with understanding and support, has the potential to develop and flourish.
Adopt South is now searching for suitable adoptive parents, who might have experience of working with, or caring for, children with additional needs, or a strong support network such as family, friends, community or faith groups.

For those who would like to know more about Ashley and Layla, Adopt South has produced a sensitive film featuring the girls in their own home surroundings. This can be viewed on the Adopt South website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The identities of both girls have been obscured in the film.

Rachel Reynolds, Head of Adopt South, said: “We are raising awareness to find forever homes for Ashley and Layla. They are lovely little girls who deserve compassionate parents who have time to listen to them and understand how to make them feel content and happy.

“Even though they have very different personalities and developmental needs, there is a common thread for both girls. They both need to grow and flourish in forever homes, where they feel there is time for them to be understood and a pace of life which will help them to thrive and develop. They both need parents who will be sympathetic and adaptable in their thinking to meet their needs.

“Anyone can speak to us about Ashley and Layla. You can call us or complete our online form and we will call you back at a time that suits you. We only take a name and contact details during initial conversations with people, because we understand there are many factors to consider when adopting a child and embracing their story.”
Adopt South welcomes conversations with people of all backgrounds, including individuals who are single, over 40 years of age, LGBTQ+, and those who already have families with children. The agency has a strong network of adopter families who are also mentors to those going through the adoption process. This is backed by many courses, using the latest training technology such as Virtual Reality to help families develop their parenting skills.

All Adopt South families have access to ongoing advice and support for their children up to the age of 18 years. A range of therapeutic services will be available to support Ashley and Layla as well as an adoption allowance for Layla.

If you would like to know more about Ashley, Layla or about adoption, contact Adopt South by calling 0300 3000 011 or visiting Facebook (@adoptsouthuk) or Instagram (@adoptsouth).