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Adopt South Appeal: Issy & Evie

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Issy and Evie - two little sisters who need a forever home

Issy and Evie are two special little girls who need a permanent loving home to grow up in together. Sadly, they cannot live with their birth family and we are interested in speaking to people who could offer them a loving and caring family life.


Meet Issy & Evie 

Issy will be four years old in the new year and Evie is two and a half years old. The sisters have blonde hair and blue eyes, both with big bubbly smiles who enjoy being out and about, playing with their dollies in their pram, and learning at nursery.

In their very early years, both Issy and Evie were not looked after as well as they could have been.

Issy and Evie are currently with an experienced foster carer who is used to looking after children who need additional support and compassion.

As the girls have been with their carer for several months now, they feel more settled, and this has helped them to develop their confidence.


"Issy can be an adorable little girl who has made amazing progress in the last year. She will spend hours talking and playing with her dolls and pushing her pram around the house. Her favourite film is Disney’s Frozen.

She needs a lot of comfort from a loving parent (or parents) who will have the time to soothe and help develop her confidence so she can flourish."

- Fostercarer looking after Issy


Issy Loves Her Dollies

Issy enjoys playing with a range of different toys and likes going to nursery. She can at times react in a way that is much younger than her actual age. This is linked to a delay in her overall development, which could have been due to her early experiences. At times, Issy can feel scared or confused as she cannot always work out what is the best thing to do. During these times she can become upset and sometimes angry. Issy settles down when she is comforted through emotional warmth and cuddles.

Issy finds it difficult to settle before bed. Issy’s sympathetic foster carer spends time making her feel relaxed by comforting her before she falls asleep. Sometimes Issy has nightmares and needs lots of reassurance and encouragement to fall back to sleep. She likes a daily routine, such as the same plate at mealtimes, eating a good variety of different foods including fruit and vegetables.


Evie Loves To Be Cuddled and Enjoys Playing Outside

Little Evie is just beginning to explore everything. She loves being outside in the garden, playing with the family dogs and being with people who can give her lots of time, cuddling her, listening, and reading bedtime stories.

Her foster carer says "Evie is very inquisitive and is always looking for something different to do. She is curious. She loves her food and is a brilliant sleeper. Issy loves Anna from Frozen.”

Evie has experienced a lot of distress at the start of her life and finds it difficult to know how to feel and express herself. When having some difficulties, she feels comforted through reassurance from the adults around her.

Evie’s foster carer adds: “Evie found nursery difficult at first, but has started to enjoy this, smiling, and interacting more with other children. Evie is doing really well with her speech but needs a little help with things like self-care. However, this is to be expected given her young age.”


There is a strong bond between the girls

The girls can play together very nicely at times and often follow each other around the house. Sometimes their relationship can be challenging - they can often compete for attention, which can lead to one of them being very unkind to the other. Their foster carer has helped them in many ways to reduce scuffles, which a lot of young siblings have.

Adopt South are here to help children like Issy and Evie thrive and be happy as they grow up.


What family life do Issy and Evie need?

The sisters will need a family life where their adoptive parent(s) will have an understanding or experience working or caring for children with additional needs, or they are in a community or faith where they are fully supported with family and friendship groups around them.

Issy has some problems falling asleep and will need a lot of encouragement and comfort to get her to relax, close her eyes, and fall into a deep sleep. She likes routine and will need to understand what is expected of her day to day.


What support do we offer?

Issy and Evie need their parent(s) to be able to offer the time, commitment, and the love they need to help them develop into happy and confident girls.

Adopt South is committed to supporting the girls’ and their adoptive parent(s) throughout their childhood journey, whenever they need it.

We provide adoptive parent(s) and children a range of therapeutic services, as well as financial support for some children/sibling groups who might need extra help.


Could you be Issy and Evie's forever family?

Please call us on 0300 3000 011 or arrange a call back from one of our friendly team.

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